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Saturday, September 09, 2023

Du bist einmalig

The fabulous art photographer Annette Frick has been on a mighty roll in the last decade with many exhibitions and museum offerings. Annette is a Berlin treasure so rush to see her amazing art work.

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde liebe Zwischenwesen
beiliegend Infos zu 2 Veranstaltungen bei denen meine Arbeiten in Berlin
zu sehen sind:

In den Wilhelmshallen (S+U-Bahn Wilhelmsruh) präsentiert die Galerie
Chert/Lüdde in der Halle 4 von K60
meine Fotoarbeiten ab HEUTE
unter anderen alle 5 großen Schlangengöttinnen, analoge Handabzüge aus
den 90-er Jahren und einige Arbeiten ausder Serie FUCK GENDER
am 10 September dann wird die Ausstellung zu Gunter Trube in der
Brotfabrik in Berlin eröffnet.

Ich freu mich wenn Ihr Zeit hättet die Ausstellungen zu besuchen.
herzlichst Annette Frick


This week is the Folsom Europe event which is the continents take on the famed San Francisco fetish happening. Been noticing on the streets lots of burly men in various expensive costumes of the rubber/gummi, leather, uniform and puppy chow variety.  The dude who created the concept that it´s masculine and sexy to dress as a dog must be laughing all the way to the filthy lucre banksy.

The rest of the tyro fetish punters seem to adopt what I call the H&M, Forever 21, Judy´s Gear For Guy´s Harness/Jock strap apparel look. 

With a heatwave of temps in the high 80s it seems like a lot of bother to make oneself so stiff and uncomfortable on the promenade. I saw one extremely diminutive man emerge from the super market dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer, complete with handle bar mustache. The ill fitting uniform made him look more like the cartoon character of Dudley Do-Right.


The gloriously talented Bay Area artist Brontez Purnell will perform in Berlin at the end of the month. I´m not a big fan of the Volksbühne after what they did to Vegard Venge and Ida Müller but I am a fan of the marvelous, super sexy Brontez.

meetingWednesday, September 27, 2023, 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m
LocationVolksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz - Big House
addressRosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Das unsichtbare Leiden

I was hanging out with the incredible young novelist and Art Forum journalista Travis Jeppeson at Beach 61: Volleyball Oase im Berliner Park am Gleisdrieick the other day when I catch glimpse of a blondine Adonis. He was stunning--taller than I am with broad shoulders that tapered to a tiny waiste and bouncy baby boy bubble butt, huge feet and quite the healthy package in his booty shorts. 

 It was great hanging with Travis ogling the beach volleyball players in their natural habitat. There is a bar and food court and we just plopped ourselves down for the count until around 9pm. Because of some summer showers the volleyball players would run for shelter where we were sitting and we got to see a lot of them close-up. A few looked better from far away. They had youth and muscular bodies but faces like melted butter. Some were so pale and pasty that they resembled the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Was invited to a fab dinner party by Berlinda´s most treasured and gorgeous hostess La Susanne Sachsse at her East German compound. The food and drink flowed and was of course sensational. The guest list included Toronto´s favourite daughter Miss Judy LaBruce, art photographer and poet extrodinaire Slava Mogutin, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein of the Universitaet Mainz and Jamie & Angela of XiuXiu who are recent transplants to the Berlin shores from higeous with an accent on the G - Los Angeles. Great time was had by one and all and BLAB was in fine spirits telling us hilarious stories and reading from his new obituary series which would make an excellent best selling book.

Got a report from Pepe Cantinflas at Burning Man. Unexpected rainstorms turned the playa into quicksand, followed by a mysterious death.  Could it be murder? Were celebrities like Chris Rock, Cindy Crawford, DJ Diplo involved?

 I´ve never understood the attraction of this event. You couldn´t pay me a trillion dollars to attend. One friend who was an early participant during its salad days said it was a way for caucasions with too much disposable income to feel like they have a connection to community and spirituality. My pal Pepe Cantinflas only goes because as a middle aged man who is a high snow queen it´s a place where young, fit men with severe daddy damage can completely let themselves go and become mesmerized and dickmatized by Pepe´s Alpha male sexual calisthenics. I have to give Pepe credit. For an oldie he is a goodie and doesn´t need viagra to maintain a raging hard-on. 

 I am not ashamed to admit I am completely jealous of Pepe´s sexual ardour and handsome chiseled brown features which make him catnip to impressionable white boys from good, but frosty cold Patrician families. Also Los Angeles is famous as a city of bottoms and Mr. Cantinflas is a notorious jackhammer power top.

la Sachsse in vintage Rick Owens from BLAB´s Otto or Up With Dead People 2008