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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

aller Anfang ist schwer

With the recent death of pop mariquita George Michael I was reminded of when I use to hang out with Kathy Jeung who was Michaels beard in the 1980s. Kathy was a fashion stylist with the Cloutier Agency and also did a club in the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles called Flaming Colossos with these two very sexy French boys who I think were brothers, whose names I forget. The Frenchies were extremely delicious. Later in the late 80s or early 90s they opened up a chic restaurant in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd that was the “It” place for a New York Secunda. Kathy and the French Brothers were somewhat infatuated with me and Glen Meadmore for a spell, and one time I was in her entourage along with Mz. Michael at a birthday celebration at Mario Tomayo's restaurant Cha Cha Cha. I also was invited for pampering at the Beverly Hills Health and Fitness Spa in Koreatown on Beverly Blvd. Why the place has Beverly Hills in the title I don't understand as Korea Town is located nowhere near Bev Hills. The spa is on top of a natural hot spring. I had heard of the place for years as a celebrity haunt but of course being that I wasn't ever gainfully employed in those days I could never afford to go there, but after performing many times at Flaming Colossos for free, Kathy and the French Bros. took pity on me and treated me. I think Kathy was related to the owners or perhaps Michele Lamy paid for it. Michele could be extremely generous, but anyway I got the royal red carpt that particular day, and thats more then a ghetto freeloader like myself can ever expect. The spa is divided by the sexes and for some unexplicable reason I was able to pass as a boy, so I went to that section with the French Bros and Mz. Michael. It was divoon getting my first massage from a handsome and perfectly musculed Korean masseuse named Hans who had me floating on air. I also got a kiwi facial, but would have loved it if Hans had given me a facial with his man milk.
In the dry sauna I watched the pop Princepessa Gorgeous George boldly pick out a swarthy hairy chested hunk and just get down on his knees and begin servicing the studkin in front of everyone. He was completely fearless and shameless, and this was years before he publically came out. La Michael hardly said a word to me during the few times we were in each others company. He wasn't rude, he just was indifferent. He didn't find me attractive so I didn't serve any purpose. He was that matter-of-fact, and I was strangely not put out by it and didn't feel dissed. I just wasn't his type of queen and that was that.
Well getting back to the BJ. GM must have had a velvet mouth because it didn't take long after he was bobbing on the giant peter and tweeking the mans bullet nips that the sexy gorgon was about to ejaculate and GM very casually and efficiently gulped down the seminal emissions making sure that the man was sufficiently drained, he then got up and went into the cold water pool followed by the wet sauna. This place is not a gay bathhouse but a place frequented by very upscale gays and straights, but nobody seemed to mind the celebrity spectacle that was performed so publically.
Years later Lenny of the Parlour Club treated me to this spa for my birthday and I saw John Travolta cruising around the joint, but the men were running away from him.
Afterwards we all regrouped and went out to Helenas or Paillette or some other trendy nitespot of the moment, and GM never mentioned what he had done, and I don't believe I even talked about it either at the time, which is strange as I am the ultimate gossipeuse and junior walking billboard.

All thiss twiss reminds me of a a very sexually captivating boy I use to know from the early 1980s named Mardell Lombar. Mardell was a hilljack from Ohio, meaning he was a dirt poor white kid from the mountain country region. He was around 5'10'' tall with light brown wavy hair, lean musculurture that was a combination dancer/swimmer bod though he didn't do any of these things. He had greyish blue eyes and full pillow lips that looked like he was wearing lipstick, but he wasn't. He had the flattest stomach I have ever seen, and big calves and thighs that looked like he could pull a mack truck with. His feet were big, thick and peasanty like Barney Rubble but were perfectly formed and manly. He also had huge hands like a baseball mitt. The weird thing about him is that even though he was so goodlooking he didn't photograph well.
I met him at the teen disco The Odyssey on Beverly Blvd and LaCienega. He worked part-time at the cafe on 3rd Street that was connected to the notorious gay bathhouse the 8709. He lived in the Hollywood Hills with a 60 year old man who worked in the entertainment industry who was slavishly in love with him,but pretty much left him to his own devices. All Mardell had to do was occasionally fuck the old dude, so it wasn't such a bad trade off. Mardell was such a good natured boy, not na├»ve but just wildly free spirited and free wheeling. Through Mardell I could get into the 8709 and other bathhouses for free. I loved going to this famous bathhouse as it had some of the most spectacular pieces of male flesh on display. I had never seen such gigantic penises before and the level of sex play was seismic. Bathhouses are dull today in comparison to the 8709 and MACS(Mens Action Center) which was on Hyperion Avenue in Silverlake. This was in the early 1980s, so I was glad I got to experience them before they were all closed by the LA Health Department. Mardell was what is known as "the worlds type" and loved that I was a big voyeur and he got a kick out of showing off for me. 8709 had an area that was filled with bunk beds and mattresses that was out in the open and he would pick a lucky boy and go to town on the guy and of course would attract a huge crowd of men who wanted to watch and touch him and his trick. Mardell let any and all grab a feel of him. Some got carried away and started to munch on his butt, legs and feet and also chow down on his peen as it would occasionally plop out of his bottom. These sessions would just turn into a natural free-for-all with everyone giving Mardell complete utter worship. Its common for good looking well built young men to be utter assholes, but not Mardell who was very generous with his body though he knew his worth on the open market. Mardell was also unpredictably wild and a bit perverse. I saw him fuck many an olde queen just for the heck of it. Mardell's penis was large, thick and bulbous with apricot sized testicals that would slap the ass of his paramours causing a richochet sound that would quake through the sauna.  The closest I ever came to being intimate with Mardell was when he sucked my nipples once as more of a joke, as I played with his  dinosaur dick.  Once he gave me a deep soul kiss that almost caused me to faint.  He was that sexually electric. 
After 8709 and the cafe attached closed Mardell left his sugar daddy and moved back to Ohio and wound up getting married to a woman of all things. He was a most excellent pen pal and wrote to me about the many madcap sexual misadventures with his wife and the hillbilly antics of his small hometown. The last time I heard from him was in 1994 when he sent me a letter with pictures of him with his twin boys. He was in his late 30s by then but still attractive and trim.
The last Rising Stars, Falling Stars for the troubled year of 2016 at silent green KulturQuartier was a fantastical success. Everyone needed a good hearty belly laugh and the Four Marx Brothers Groucho, Chico, Harpo and the gay one Zeppo eagerly provided the gaity with the 1931pre-code film Monkey Business.
Our program was also an early celebration of Chanukah, so appropriately I sang an old Chanukah song in Aramaic with a little bit of yiddish thrown in. Strange how this ancient ditty sounded so similar to one of my own original Cholita the Female Menudo songs, “Chinga Tu Madre”

I also told the crowd that The Four Marx Bros are the younger siblings of Karl Marx, and that Marx and Frederic Engels were lovers. Caught up in the Marxian madrigal Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Markus Ruff, Clarisse Mehring, Stefan Ehrens and posse, Marcuse Siegelstein, Susanne Sachsse, Trixie Schonherr aka: Beatrice Curdua,the divine Miss Jutta, a Berlin native who lived for many years in Paris who is one lovely and fashionable fan of our film series, Brazilian filmmaker and style icon Melissa Dullius, Johanna Schaffer, a new Berliner and Austrian queer-feminist scholar who teaches theorie und praxis for der visuellen kommunikation at Kunsthochschule Kassel, with 
her American translator pal Rik Mayda, both also work with RSFS's Daniel Hendrickson, the Jewish Muslim as part of the NSU tribunal 
translation project. Check out the website at: for more info on this very important organization that is keeping check on structural racism in Germany,sexy young David Schoeler who is an art student at UdK who use to work at Arsenal who came with a bevvy of beautiful ladies, B.J. Novak the nebishy American TV star of The Office, handsome violin virtuoso Charlie Siem, Piero Bellomo and exotic film actor Riz Ahmed. Special shoutout to silent green staffers. Nadine&Linda, the Moos Restaurant kids, Katrin the guardian of the gate and expert Arsenal projectionist BoDo.