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Monday, August 14, 2006

Scorkel one for Quincenera directors, Granny Richard Glatzer and his slimy limey lover Washerwoman Westmoreland. Of course you can't go wrong with Echo Parkland as the backdrop of their film, and superlative performances by veterano Chalo Gonzales as the Great Uncle, juicycled fat tittied Jesse Garcia as one of the humpiest cholos i've ever wanted to chug-a-lug, and the luminous Emily Rios. Just put the camera in front of these three, and you'll have an instant hot flick.
Maybe one day someone will do a movie about the age old Silverlake/Echo Park phenomena of older white men with latino lovers who support their boyfriends entire extended clan for decades. I'm not giving you excrement here. These relationships exist and they usually start when the younger lover is in his teens. I know of one couple where the white man is now in his 70s and his beau is mid 40's, married with kids and they all live together in the same house. Does he and the mamacita trade off for conjugal Morman visitations, eh?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Before i left for Homo A-Go-Go in Olympia my intern forwarded me this request from some new Gay cable TV network called Logo that is connected to M-TV. I don't own a TV, an i-pod,a DVD /MVP player, a walkman, a cellphone,a palm pilot, a green or blackberry. I hate all those crappy gadgets and whatnots that you see people glued to, and i'm certainly not interested in being a part of television and getting exposure from television. Can i make that any more clear people.

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Vaginal davis to host and episode of logo's music show: New Now Next
Date: 7/25/06 11:08:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: sasha.anthome
To: gleebrevard
Sent from the Internet (Details) Hey-I am writing you because I, along with a small crew, am coming to Homoagogo to shoot some segments for Logo's music show NewNow Next..We are interested in coming there specifically to film portions for the show
that include interviews with some of the artists performing as well as interviews with willing attendees. AND...we would love to interview Vaginal Davis, as she has been an icon in the punk rock scene. Below you will find a short description of the show. This event is very exciting to us as it captures the essence of the
show and we believe we can offer her some great national exposure
as well as the opportunity to reach a broad queer audience.
Each episode is framed by a specific artist's interview... so in
essence she would have an entire episode of the show devoted to her
interview. We'd really love to interview Vaginal Davis while we are up
there. If she is interested in being a part of the show, please
contact myself or Courtney Powell.

Sasha Anthome, Producer
Courtney Powell, Producer
I always burn a bridge when it comes to being courted by wealthy men who can take me out of the poverty palace. A few years ago while I was in England I had a daliance with Ivor Wimborne, the Viscount of St. Ledgers. This wasn’t my first fling with a Viscount. I diddled back in the early 80s with Sir William Waldron, who owned the Melrose Avenue vintage clothing store Just William. William Waldron was one of the few British aristocrats who still had great wealth. He even owned the Lloyd Wright house in Los Feliz, and when he was bored with it sold it to David Lynch and his then wife Isabella Rossellini. William wound up marrying some black girl who took him for a bundle. Of course I warned him that she was a golddigger, but he didn’t listen and resented me for it. He is now living alone and a little loco in the mountains of Northern California with hideously overgrown finger and toe nails. See what lots of money does to people, its more of a hinderance then a help.
Now get this---Sir Wimborne, the man I let slip through my fingerettes more recently is engaged to the legendary dope addict, and party negress supreme, Grace Jones. Well if anyone deserves to be a Viscountess its Miss Grace.
Director Andre’ Te’chine’ emailed me a little upset that I hadn’t reviewed his new film, Le Temps qui Changent on my blog. I saw the movie in Europe, and wasn’t aware that it is now being screened in America. This movie stars powerhouses Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Dipardieu who are tantalizing. Its so nice watching mature talents gobble the screen. Set in exotic Tangiers, the film also features the remarkable Arab actress Lubna Azabal from the Palastinian film Paradise Now. If you don’t see this movie, I will kill you.