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Sunday, March 01, 2020


Profil der Arbeitseinheit

I am a little behind in writing about the misadventures of our heroine the little tiny demure lady known to the world as Ms. Evelyn Venable. Going back to the beginning of the Whoring Twenties and by that I mean January, Evelyn Venable our protagonist was invited by the delightful folks at SAVVY Contemporary to curate a film program for their series Residing in the Borderlands which happens every Wednesday of the month creating a new cartography of Berlin. 

Some of the other participating personages have been Liz Rosenfeld, Eli Cortinas, Ali Moraly, Niusha Ramzani, Can Sungu, Malve Lippmann and Amelie Umuhire. Our Miss Venable choose the Todd Haynes film Velvet Goldmine and what a great choice it was. Perfect for the winter month. 
The gallery space was packed to the rafters and beyond with a multigenerational crowd that even the curators didn’t know. I only recognized Wolfgang of the art kollektiv Discoteca Flaming Star and actor Jonas Dassler of the film The Golden Glove. SAVVY family members present and accounted for: Kamila Metwaly, Kelly Krugman and Ola ZieliƄska. Special thankx to gorgeous curators Pia Chakraverti-Wuerthwein, Eirini Fountedaki and handsome coordinator Jorg–Peter Schulze.

A brilliantine time was had by Evelyn Venable with the beautiful Berlin gallerist Isabella Bortolozzi. At her gallery was a juicy exhibition of the work of Enrico Baj who died in 2003. The two pretty ladies then took a taxi to The Martin Gropius Bau to see Boychild and Josh Johnson perform some eclectic endurance style interpretive dance. All hail the intense power behind Boychild and the lovesexy Mr. Josh. They were both wearing costumes of whirling dervish proportions and cyclona styled coiffure ala the Orange Ruffian Tetrarch of what was formerly known as the United States of America. My daughter Wu was a bit under the weather and left right after the performance. Afterwards we all convened inside the Gropius Bau Restaurant for tea and dainties. The Bortolozzi familia of young sweeties is a most bright shiny firmament.

It was wonderous to see that my former Malmo Art Akademy student Stine Omar of art band Easter is part of the Boychild beauty gang.

The gracious and glorious Ms. Bortolozzi also surprised Miss Venable with a birthday cake after the closing night at her galerie space of the performance piece Crocopazzo by Leila Hekmat. Upon entering the galerie and seeing the emblemic curtain of characters, such detail orientation was a harbinger of something special this way cometh and there was no disappointing in that proclamation.

A Nancy Grace/Gayle King TV presenter nicely played by rubber faced delight Mj Harper welcomes the followers of a Davidian Branch/People’s Temple Cult led by charismatic leader Mother (Roman Ole) who is part Dolly Parton, Julia Childs, Maggie Smith and Jo Briathe rolled into one big clitoral amalgamation. The disciples were a mass of Felliniesque faces you want to buy and chew with names like Felvis, Lemon Drop, FlipFlop, Aphasia, Harpy, Toto and Tutte played with verve and lovesexy conviction by Finn Ronsdorf, Cassie Augusta Jorgenson, Nicki Fehr, Noah Lietblau, Shade Theret, Gina Maiwald and Weiland Schonefelder.

This pistachio pastiche of Carson McCullers, Jean Genet, Brecht, Offenbach and Marat-Sade makes all the sense in the world upon realizing that Ms. Hekmat who wrote the play, did the sculptural costumes and production design is a young lady who hails from Los Angeles, Cali. Heaps of praise should be leveled also upon her collaborators with music by Roman Lemberg, wigs and makeup by Franziska Presche, tailoring by Elsa Leguevaques and Grace Kim.


Miss Venable missed the opening of Forum Expanded this year because she was teaching at Work Master HEAD in Geneva. It was the first time she has missed the opening since moving to Berlin. Was able to make it the next evening to the Canadian Embassy Marshall McLuhan Salon for Forum Expanded’s exhibition of Thirza Cuthand’s NDN Survival Trilogy. It was so lovely to be in the thick of it with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus looking radiant along with the sexy sexy of Nanna Heidenreich, Angela Anderson, Uli Ziemons and his pretty ginger haired lady love the writer and curator Anja Luckenkemper.