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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Last night was Glen Meadmore’s final Berlin appearance lording Shade Inc at NBI. What a phenomenal evening and Ms. Meadmore and her band were just perfect in every way. The trenddoid young crowd didn’t know exactly what to make of Lady Meadmore and her cowlick thrash as Berliners are so enamored of the electro/tecno sound. There were definitely some members of the audience who had a clue, and got what Ms. Meadmore was delivering.
Brazilian hunk Ricardo who is the host of Shade Inc.(formerly known as Berlin Hilton) the long running Wednesday nite party, was gracious and accommodating. I took a long disco nap as I knew I’d be staying up until the wee hours, which isn’t something that I normally do.
The crowd was a who’s who of notables including the Winnipeg born Miss Meadmore’s fellow Canuck’s Dicky Doo from Vancouver who now is based in Berlin, and the queen of all Berlina Royale - Peaches looking love sexy and trim in a designy parachute dress.
It was fun flirting with handsome Weiland Speck of the Berlinale’s Panorama Section who was with visiting French underground queer filmmaker Lionel Soukaz who did a presentation earlier in the evening at Basso, translator to the academic shtars Daniel Hendrickson is a big Meadmore fan and had to see him perform even though Daniel was exhausted from work deadlines and leaves Berlin this morning to attend star scholar Douglas Crimp's Retrospektacle at the Pompodour Ctr in Paris.
Ran into big peniled Scandanavian Nicolas Tange Lane of the artband Nuclear Family,baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with his perky bullet nipples driving all the boys crazy, fagademic and Dolores Hart look-a-like Sean Nye, Miss Joana and her beau Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online, Larry T the famed NYC DJ and songwriter who created electro clash, looking healthy and wholesome celebrating being sober for 13 years. Both Glen and I go way back with Mr. Larry T. who is still a raging good time Sally.
Peaches Does Herself star Danny the Tranny mingling through the crowd topless, Cherie Lily the celebrity personal trainer and creator of House Aerobics, DJ ingenue Marius Funk and gorgeous actor Max Irons the striking son of British star Jeremy Irons.
Tuesday evening Ms.Meadmore & Co. performed in Hamburg at the Golden Poodle to a jam packed and enthusiastic throng that included Judy LaBruce and Susanne Sachsse.
After performing at Shade Inc. Glen, his juicy keyboard player Jan Klesse and I had an early morning breakfast at the Shwartzer Café on Kant Str in Wilmorsdorf where we laughed and gossiped in a girlish like fashion till 5 in the morning. Wish I could have had more time with Glen Meadmore one of the most underrated talents in this world. She is a true legend, and international treasure who i love.
Just found out that former child star Jackie Cooper died age 88. I loved Jackie Cooper in the Our Gang Comedies and his dramatic work at MGM in the early 1930s.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Met with Hanna Hurtzig of Black Market and Mobile Academy fame and her lovely young assistant Carena who looks like Chiara Mastrianni the daughter of Catherine Denueve. We gals had a great time gabbing about what I will be doing for Hannah’s next congress at Kampnagel in Hamburg from May 12-14 called The Undead.Bruce La Bruce and Susanne Sachsse will also be on hand presenting Ulricka’s Brain.
I like Hannah. She’s sexy, stylish and sophisticated wearing her heart on her sleave.
Sunday morning was a fabu bruncheon with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal Institute for Film und Video Kunst at Kaiserstein on the Mehringdamn Corridor. Riding our bikes to the bistro we both dodged lots of pre May Day broken bottles in the streets. The weather has chilled and is more like early winter then the first month of Spring, but that didn’t cloud our girlish enthusiasm or delight. Spending quality time with Frau Schulte Strathaus is always a joy beyond compare.
Later in the day the Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to help the doll get her Skype back on tap. The JM is so much better at technical matters then the poor helpless Vagimule doll. After dealing with MIS issues we hankered down for some Indian food at this little boite on Akazian Str where the 5 foot nothing moody waiter wasn’t exactly featuring either one of us, but especially my queer as folk asstrovar. In fact the tiny morsel of a man is somewhat of a glumpy Gus. If the food wasn't so good at this joint, I wouldn't patronize them.
Monday the Muslim went with me to visit that touch of Minx, Dr. Steffan Minx whose medical practice in Kreuzberg mixes both eastandwest philosophy kingdoms. 2 years ago Dr. Minx diagnosed the doll with gout which is an inflammation of acids in the joints. After the initial bout it went away, and I got busy with a steady stream of performance work, but I was determined to change my diet habits. Well the gout has returned and my right foot swelled up like a baby elephant plus my left elbow is also stiff and pumped up. Gout is a weird disease, you can’t walk from the pain for a few days and then it kind of goes away only to rear its ghidra like head. So the next few months I am going to be making lots of guest appearances at various doctors and specialists. Thank god I have private health insurance. I didn’t when I lived in the states.
Last Sunday it was a brilliantly warm and balmy Easter and La Susanne Sachsse cooked a glorious feast that was delicious and healthy framed in love. There is no finer table in all of Europe then that of the divine, famous hostess Ms. Susi, the fearless leader of kollective CHEAP. Those gathered included Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Piero Bellomo of La Collezione with Daniel Hendrickson, Marc Siegel the film historian’s historian who is now teaching at the famous Frankfurt School three days a week and the young generation of CHEAP that includes twins Salome & Richard Gersh and Richie’s girlfriend Miss Vicki.
Monday was Glen Meadmore day as the 6’9’’ Canadian crooner performed a raucus set of kuntry cowpunk at Monster Ronson’s Rock Fag Bar in Friedrichshain. I had never been to Monster Ronson’s, as I am not a fan of karaoke, but had a delightful time at the club whose owner, bartenders, soundman and staff are quite sweet and accommodating. Even suffering with gout I managed to dance myself silly with Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online and his beautiful girlfriend Joana. Felix is also in my new band Tenderloin along with Jan Klesser. Later Felix & Jan joined Glen on stage as backup singer and percussionist wearing a sexy matching hustler white outfit with Jan who played keyboard. The rest of the hot, horny and born again gang is Jan‘s cousin Simon on bass, Tilly on guitar and Thomas the lean and mean muscular drummer. Glen‘s amazing band are also in the award winning Munich combo The Lazy.
Berlin was really in for a hoe down treat. Enjoying the spectacle: writer Travis Jeppeson, baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Tennessee Claffin of ClubPork at Ficken 3000, American fagademic Sean Nye, artist Lydia Hamann & Co., and my visiting rapper second cousin Lady Nicki Minaj.
I joined Ms. Meadmore on stage to sing the song “No Money, No Honey” from Meadmore’s second LP Squawbread 1988. On the recorded version of the Amoeba Records classic features vocals from the Vagimule, RuPaul,Iris Parker of Madam X, and Melanie Gold the daughter of Ernest Gold and Marnie Nixon and sister to Andrew Gold(Lonely Boy). I can’t believe 24 years has passed since I first sang on that record.
Meadmore & Company have a show in Hamburg, but return to Berlin to play at Shade Inc.(formerly Berlin Hilton) at NBI on Wednesday May 4th at midnight. Its your last time to see some extraordinary musical majick in Berlin before the giant diva returns to Los Angeles.
Today baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and the Berlinale's Panorama chief Weilland Speck came by my Cheese Endique Studio to bring me healthy gout free food and info on staying healthy with the disease. Mr. Gibb just returned from Djing at the Queer Zagreb Festival, and Mr. Speck who has been diagnosed with gout for five years is on his way to the Cannes Film Festival. It was quite a treat for this little lady having such handsome famous men in my humble studio.
Just found out that architect Eldon Davis died age 94. Mr. Davis is one of the famed googie mid-century space age architects. A perfect example of his work is the Pann‘s Coffee Shop in Inglewood that was built in 1958. One thing I miss living in Europe is LA style counter culture.