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Saturday, October 26, 2013


No one makes me laugh more then the Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who has been visiting her doll while attending the Porn Film Festival. Love Camel and I have been having a hoot of a time. I also had a nice visit with one of my darling Bricktops at the Parlour Club children Jose Promis who I met for breakfast at gay haunt Café Berio with one of his longtime pals from Los Angeles. Jose gifted me a copy of his new CD and I can´t wait to listen to it when I get back from my travels performing in the UK for the Homotopia Queer Art Festival. Received a cute note from one of my brilliant former Malmo Art Academy students Stine who is in a very popular queer indie electro band with her sexy lover. Stine will be showing some of her videos in an exhibition that opens tonight. I have to prep for RSFS and my UDK lecture Monday so I won´t be able to attend.

Dear miss Davis 

How are you? I ve been reading thru your diaphragm tonite and realizing im missing out and im missing you.Lets have a drink soon!

For example i want to invite u to this exhibition opening i am having with my band, this saturday, in Wedding, we will be screening all our videos and premiering a new one

Starting at 8, there will be snacks and we got a local vodka sponsor

I would love to see u there!

If u cant make it, the screening will be up for a month so tell me if u wanna have a look another day and we can meet up



here the event

I also had a wonderful luncheon with film historian Marcu Siegel at the Indian tourista restaurant Amrit in Potsdamer Platz. We went there so we would be close enough to go to a special presentation at the Arsenal featuring the gorgeous lesbian filmmaker Angela Anderson who is also known on the scene as DJane Olga Damnitz. Angie who although she is in her thirties looks like a sparkling baby dyke and was presenting a trailer and script reading of her new project called Frostville which I am sure will turn into quite the dynamic feature film as everything Angie touches turns goldsilver and ruby platinum. That’s how mega talented Angie is. The other two female artists who have received funding grants to make their projects include Gülay Akin and Tatjana Turanskyi of the Hangover Art Kollective.