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Monday, September 22, 2003

oh my darlings. My little date with lawyer anderson was wonderful. We had a little sweet luncheon at this agua fresca joint on hollywood and vine that makes the most delicious sandwiches and fruit nectars imaginable, then we went to the tired Arclight Theatre to see Woody Allen's new movie Anything Else starring Jason Biggs and a radiantra Christina Ricci who has really made the transition from child star to adult actress. I kind of hate that she has taken the AllyMcBeal route of dieting and weight control and is a skinny lollipop head. She looked much better with meat on her bones. In all fairness she's gained a bit back, but not enough to rescue her from the gaunt clutches of Hollywood chic. Jason sure is fine looking and so is Jimmy Fallon from Saturday Nite Live fame. I also enjoyed the brief appearance of Adrian Grenier. What a nice surname Grenier. How does Vaginal Grenier sound?
Also saw the movie underworld about Vampires and Werewolves. Kate Beckinsale was her usually snooty self and Scott Speedman was doing his brooding thing that he gets carried away with. Oh i can't fault someone for perpetually sulking now can i. I had a run in with Scott a year or so ago, and he was flirting with me, but being aloof at the same time, which i wasn't having. He reminds me so much of how Brad Pitt was when he first came on the scene as a young actor. Except Scott doesn't have some old geezer floating about as his suger daddy. Scott just loves flirting with queens and getting them worked up then dropping them flat. Let me stop badmouthing. I just wish Scott well with his newfound boxoffice success.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

had din din with andrew and lenny at their compound. andrew cooked a scrumpteous meal. the soup was beyond delicious. settled in for a movie marathon. watched Miss Marple, with this really old actress who looked like she would croak before the movie was over. Love Agatha Christie. plus Looking for Mr. Goodbar starring Diane Keaton, Tuesday weld, William atherton and a too hot for his own good Richard Gere. Also Tom Berenger as the murderer, reminded me just how sexy he once was. Do you remember a little film called In Praise of Older Women? those Berenger lips. Yum. Also saw Lair of the White Worm. Wasn't Amanda O'Donahue something else in that? Also princess Catherine Oxenberg of Yugaslavia and a young pretty tittied Hugh Grant.
I've been seeing so much beauty on the subway and MTA busses lately. Wow! what is going on? Its really leaving me in a compromised state. I hate it when good looking men have that much power over me. those awful laws of desire.
Bricktops Joan Crawford Our Dancing Daughters night was a miracle evening. Kitty Diggens is quite the show woman. She did two performances, the last one was very Bacchanal and included this live celebrity goat as Pan. One never knows what to expect from Bricktops, its always over the top in the best way.
Nice seeing Lydia Lunch, the first lady of Harsh and her new beau. She's actually going out with someone older and not a teenage boy. Thats quite a departure for her. More power to you Lydia---you get that nut girl! Also Daddy Athey came by to hang with Lydia and her posse.
It was fantastic seeing Foster from Extra Fancy. His new lady friend was the owner of the celebrity goat. Lesbianic Drama Dept:
Andrew's truck got broken into by some dumb malt liquor drinking jubas. The crack head was such an idiot he got caught red handed by the cops, who came walking through the club. Of course they happened upon the goat---god only knows what they thought about that.
Other celebs: Gwen Kahn who had so much fun last week she came back and really dressed to the 6's 7's and 9's. cute surfer looking TV star Mike Vogel, with male ingenue Joseph Gordon-Levitt and writer Jonathan Lethem(The Fortress of Solitude) Mr. Lethem was constantly making requests to poor Professor Doyle(Pirate Jenny) as she was DJ-ing. He could have thought of a cleverer way in trying to pick her up. Also ms. Daphne cousineau of Vivende/Unversal came by and she is ready to pop that baby out. Its due this week. She didn't even look preggers until a little while ago. I wouldn't mind getting pregnant by her handsome french husband Olivier Hasnot.