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Friday, February 23, 2007

That wild and wooly Shari Frilot of Sundance Film Festival was cavorting with hungthrob Antonio Banderas, who loves us ladies of the darker species, to the chagrin of his plastic surgery victima wife Melanie Griffith. Ms. Mel doesn't have to worry about Shari stealing her man. She is 100% dyke, but that didn't stop her from dirty dancing with the star at the Spanish version of Miramax---TVE's little mixer.
My Gossip Studio installation with Cheap was a huge hit, and the stars all made an appearance before the house of la diva Vaginale. Julie Delpy, Steve Buscemi, John Waters with his humpy dork producer Eric Besner, all ass, all the time, Gael Garcia Bernal, Wayne Baerwaldt, Harun Faroki and his lovely wife Antje, Cate Blanchette whose kid was left in Berlinale kindegarten and wound up urinating on another child, and an almost unrecognizeable Robert DeNiro, who is one of the biggest dinge queens of three continents wanting to bask in lady Ms. Vaginal Davis' horse rind thighs. I didn't trick with anyone, but came close with Japanese action star Takeshi Kaneshiro who is absolutely the hottest man working the Berlinale film fest.
Special thanks to my juicy interns for all their help with the installation: beautiful and sensitive julius ceasar, musclebound jacob, my swiss boy nicholi, pretty Catalonia Anna, sweet Diana from Texas, Orianne, Alex of Thuringen, Anne of a Thousand Days, Christine, Monica, Eva, Leyla and handsome bearded Ulli, The Forum Intern. Also one million kisses to matinee idol Nico, Stephane, his wonderful Gerber baby, the amazing Alessio and all the b books gang, Nanna Heidenreich, Callie Angel, Jerry Tartaglia, Marie Losier, Guy Madden, who is a huge fan of my best friend Glen Meadmore who is also of Winnipeg, the great Jackie Reynal, Constanze Ruhm, the helpful girls of the Arsenal Kasso, my brilliant Cheapies Tim Blue, Marcu Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson, fearless leader Suzi Sue and the hardest working woman of the festival, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is such a courageous inspiration to all who work closely with her.
Wish i could go into more details about it all, but I'm completely exhausted. Thank god Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras is now living in Berlin. He took me out for my birthday on Feb 20th and brought me candy, flowers and a handsome polish hustler who unfortunately had breath that smelled like he eats excrement for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was horndoggy, but had to pass up the Pole with the largest penis i've seen in a long time.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Sorry one and all i haven't updated this lady blog, but I am completely drained from 10 days of the Berlinale Film Festival. Also i don't have my own computer so I am dependent on the kindness of others to allow me to use their technology. I could go to an internet cafe, but i really can't afford it. I promise in a day or so i will keep you abreast of all things Germany, and let you know all the gossip and intrigue that was the Berlinale this year. I still can't believe i've moved from Los Angeles and now live in a foreign land. Its unreal, but real at the same time.