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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Went with the Jewish Muslim to the little Indian restaurant on Akazien Str that has the tini tiniest most unhappy waiter in the world. The food is delicious at this place but seeing the poor sad sack dimunitive Indian server always puts me in a funny mood.
Blow the bugle,crash the cymbols all my troubles fill a thimbal - The Love Camel is coming to town. Yes that famous two humped species will be here in Berlin very soon as the summer tourista season comes to a close. Also heading the teutonic way is those strapping Idaho ginger haired Hilbert Bros: Jeffrey and Kurt, who I am sure will be very popular with the gay men of Nollendorky Platz as the Hilbert Bros are blessed with a mighty generous helping of cock. You heard it first here----COCK. Both boys together equal about 20 plus inches of heavy duty prime man meatrekus. Yummy. Also my old girlfriend and sister of the holy clothe writer/bon vivante Glenn Belverio aka: Glennda Orgasm will spend a few days in Germania before heading to Vienna for the Love Ball. Glenn’s blog and regular Diane Pernet column is just resplendid and a joy to behold as Glenn is one of my favorite writer/personalities. He is like a queer version of H.R. Mencken or Robert Benchley.
Here’s a sample from an astute blog quote from Glennda on Madonna: Women think they need to overdo it with the surgery so the public and media will still adore them but isn't it clear the opposite is true? As soon as the press smells the blood from the surgeon's knife, they're racing shark-like toward the ...source. You never see stories that proclaim, "Look how OLD Dame Judy Dench looks" with cruel closeups. No, because she is respected for the merits of her talent and no one cares that she looks her age.

Last night I went to a dreamy dinner party hosted by legendary experimental filmmaker Wilhelm Hein of Kali Films and his art photog girlfriend Annette Frick where Wilhelm made his famous chili con carne. The soiree was in honor of the filmmaker Pip Chodorov in town from Paris to screen his film Free Radicals:A History of Experimental Film. Between dinner and dessert Ms. Frick screened some of her latest short subjects including a hilarious one featuring Evelyn Ruessler and Austrian poet Sissy Text. You never know who you will meet at a dinner party at Herr Hein’s, so it wasn’t a complete shock to see German film matinee idol Matthias Schweighoefer sitting across from the members of CHEAP: Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, and Tim& kJohnny Blue. The Brothers Blue had just returned from performing at a music festival in Helsinki, Finland and were tanned and buff. Mr. Schweighoefer, the blondine male ingenue of teutonic romantic comedies wants to stretch his acting chops by playing Wilhelm Hein in a movie about experimental cinema in Europe in the 1960s.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Was taken to lunch by Rimini Protokol’s Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel and their cute young interns to Café Sol on Akazien Strasse. They want me to be a part of their new piece adapted from the play Herman’s Battle by Heinrich von Kleist the romantik teutonic writer who offed himself in a ritualistic double suicide. Herr Heiny seems like the type of melancholy baby who could exist in a nice ripe state up my twitchity poop chute. I don't know much about him other then Kleistpark in my neighborhood is named after the dude, and there is an image of him in the big residence and he looks kind of cute and brooding, in that angsty way I can sometimes like in men. I think that E.L. Doctorow who wrote the book Ragtime based his tome after von Kleists's Michael Kohlhaus which in his version was reworked as Coalhouse Walker played by the late black gay actor Howard E. Rollins the Milos Foreman film version from 1981.
The timing for this project is a bit off as I have so much on my plate at the moment with Commie Biggie and performances back in the states, London, and Spain. 2011-2013is going to be jam packed with spritely activity.
Had dinner with Anna Muelter at the Shwartzer Café the other evening. It was great getting together with Anna and hearing about her long summer holiday in the US and Canada. I couldn’t believe she had never been to the Shwartzer Café which was filled with lots of yummy bright young things including the fresh faced blondine German actor Lucas Vogelsang who I wish would want to spend some time sitting on my face.
Received a lot of emails from the media asking me if I am going to be in the new Woody Allen movie that will be filmed in Germany. I guess there is a rumour floating about in the states that I am up for a role. First of all kids, I am not an actor and although I do love Mr. Allen--Interiors is one of my favorite films of all time, I even spoofed it in my movie The White to Be Angry as “Riche Jewish Husband”. But after seeing his last film Midnight in Paris which had a great premise that just didn’t gel I don’t think I will be taking the place of Scarlette Johansen or Diane Keaton as his next raggle taggle shiksa goddess. The other day Little Alex of Macedonia and the Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective cooked me a nice luncheon at his Sonnen Alle flat and we talked about my new film/performance project for Living Archive and he repaired my costume for Memory Island that I will wear for my piece at the Tate Modern.
Earlier that morn I had breakfast at Toughstein Café with Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Magazine and then we did a radio interview discussing the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album I’m With You which is extremely personal. I have never been a fan of the group, but was enjoying this record especially their tribute “Brendan’s Death Song” to the late Brendan Mullen who was one of my LA punk rock mentor’s who I dearly loved and miss so much. Brendan's long time companion Kateri Butler is even referenced in the song. Kateri was my managing editor at the LA Weekly and she is a gem of a gal and was very devoted to her sexy big peniled man Mr. Mullen.
My artist friend Douglas Gordon sent me this link to a musical short that features one of my Bricktop at the Parlour Club girls the talented heritage chanteuse Janet Klein. The saucy Ms. Klein I have known for over 20 years. She started off in the poetry/spoken word scene and was an ex of artist Skip(Girls in Bikini’s Getting Fucked All Day)Arnold. I was the one who encouraged her to go the vintage songstress route as her look and styled echoed a bygone era. Like me she also doesn't drive a car. This is what she sent to Doug and I repost for your amusement:
Oh Doug, I wanted to share this with you. Something jolly and gentle that we just made with our Japanese friend Kazumi (it makes me happy)

One of my talented NYU students Joey Tang is having his first big solo show in Berlin at Exile Gallery in September. He sent me the information on some weird program that i can't figure out how to copy and paste into my blogs format so check Exile Gallery on line for information. Sorry but i am a right brain girl and you know the German saying, tunte und technik.

And all of my Argentine followers check out the band Leisylento down South America Way and also on the European continent:

Queridos queridas,
° este viernes el 2 de septiembre, vamos a tocar en buenos aires con DIENTE NEGRO !!!!!!!!! we will play on the 2nd of september in the place called LA USINA : Bulnes, 326 , almagro, doors open at 21h please come over the ocean *********free entrance////entrada libre

°also: TOMORROW: 30.08.11
experimental // visual // accoustic // mimic // mute // POETRY evening with us (Otok & Beatriz del Río) & friends in : LA CASA DE LA LECTURA ( lavalleja 924) 18h30

°~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and a little glimpse in the future: Leiseylento in Marburg on the 17th of september..... with new songs about butter & ducks
see you everywhere*
and i wish you all a lot of success with the declining summer,
Leiseylento **bazaar musical***
face book: leiseylento

Monday, August 29, 2011

Was chittle chatting with the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras Joel Gibb who told me that he was hanging out with fellow Canadians Dicky Doo the celebrated DJ and Generation X writer Douglas Coupland who was in Berlin with his boyfriend on a book tour. They had a scrumptchy dinner at Tin Tin on Paul Linke Ufer. Joining them was gallerist Scott Cameron Weaver and the members of the all-girl band Electrelane. The extraordinarily handsome Mr. Gibb and his European version of HC will be performing on Saturday Sept 3rd at Heimat Hafen in Rixdorf along with Chinawoman. Check out Joel Gibb and Chinawoman's Canuck Caper interview on pirate radio:

And here is a link for Electrelane:

Received a wonderfully sweet missive from the writer and film director Sam Irvin whose book Kay Thompson-From Funny Face to Eloise I mentioned the other day. The fact is I am savoring every page of this biography of the grande diva of the Arthur Freed movie musical unit at Metro Goldwyn Mayer during the golden era of Hollywoodlandia.
The insights and revelations are beyond compare. I usually read books really quickly as I go through at least 20 a month stemming from my days as a reviewer at the LA Weekly. But with Kay Thompson I am taking my sweet girly time, and of course there are lots of notes I write in the margins because this spirited tome will certainly be used as a text book for a block seminar I am planning to teach on the musical film in 2013 at the Chicago Art Institute.
Loved finding out little known tidbits like the scoop on former Metro matinee idol Van Johnson(Brigadoon) having had an affair with married comic actor Keenan Wynn (Royal Wedding)and that Judy Garland via Miss Thompson’s inventive vocal arrangements was the first rap artist with her Madame Crematante: A Great Lady Has an Interview from Ziegfeld Follies(1946)directed by her nelly husband and Liza Minnelli's father Vincente Minnelli.

Sent to me via my webmaster Larry Bob Roberts:

Dear VD,

I'm a huge fan of yours and it tickles me pink that you are not only
enjoying my Kay Thompson bio, but that you mentioned it in your blog,
too. Thanks for the plug! I'm very touched.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Went to a spiffy and delicious formal dinner party at the lovely Goltz Strasser compound of Gerard Forde on the Akazien corridor of Schoneberg. Mr. Forde looked Benny Hill resplendid in a vintage Balmain dress and Ungaro Greecian heeled sandles. The drawings on the heels courtesy of Christophe Chemin.
The British translator to the Dutch academic and art establishment is also working on a spectacular book project about the late dancer Freddy Herko. Mr. Herko is known as an early Warhol star whose final performance involved his graceful leap from an open window to the pavement five stories below.
The private feast was in honor of Warhol and Jack Smith Superstar Mario Montez, and his longtime companion Dave returning to the USofA after a month long stay in Berlin. It was an intimate gathering that consisted of the ravishing actress Susanne Sachsse, her boyfriend film historian Marc Siegel, a lovesexxy young American born German social worker named Andre, and La Montez’s German assistant Alexander Pohnert.

Just received this emug from Hector Martinez in Los Angeles:

Fetcha, I'm sitting here at Starbucks waiting for an agent. Outside I see a hot, tall Ginger in super flimsy shorts showing off a big thick whopper of a Chorizo with dick head lines and cross vein. He keeps walking back and forth showing off so I'm trying not to pay attention to him. Its hysterical. He saw me look at his crotch, u can't help but see it. Ok, he's walking past me again. I think he's getting aroused by the back&forth action. He's handsome, fit,big leggy and what a Butt!!!! That Dick is Huge!
Went with Susi Su and Marcu the other day to Frau Mansfeld to finally take care of my 2010 taxes. When I lived in the states I never made enough money to file taxes, but here in Germany its best to use a profesional tax preparer as the laws are confusing and all engulfing. Susi and Marc made a nice luncheon back at their Hufeland Str flat and they also help me with my new insurance paper work which is a daunting task. After over 5 years living in Berlin I am now switching to public insurance which will be much cheaper for me and less of a headache dealing with a morass of paperwork. The next morning I go to breakfast with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim. We have a lovely time at the Turkish boite in Neu Koelln on Karl Marx Strasse that is one of our favorites. The temperature will soar to 95 degrees which will make it the last real warm day of summer.
Susi & Marcu brought me some cute gifts from the states including the biography by Sam Irvin on Liza Minnelli's godmother Kay Thompson-from Funny Face to Eloise. Can't put the book down for a New York minute.