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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yes Mrs. Michael Jackson died. She was the greatest of all performance artists. This woman was a genius in manipulation, don´t let anyone tell you otherwise. I wouldnt be a bit surprised if we learn that she fabricated her own untimely demise,just to avoid creditors. It would be brilliant if that were the case.
She really was ahead of the curve, and was a shrewd business woman on top of that, alienating her friend/acquaintance Paul McCartney---swooping up lucrative Beatle songs from under his nose. La Jacksone was one of the few mainstream celebs of international import that i had little contact with over the years. True she came to shop regularly in the early 80s at Retail Slut the Melrose Avenue boutique i worked at, and would buy all of the designs of my Afro Sister Fertile La Toyah Jackson, but she kept a tight lid on her self whenever she was in my presence so it was very difficult to get a proper read on her. But she was definately no dummy. The black culture critic Ernest Hardy has a delightful and insightful take on the woman in his incredible blog. Check it out.
Also dying in groups of threes Ed McMahan of the Tonight Show and Farrah Fawcett. Ms. Fawcett loved her big dicked blondine men. Lee Majors and Ryan O´Neal, both fellas could really work a girls innards into a frenzy. One fact you may not know about Farrah is that she was the original star shoplifter. Forget Ms. Winona Ryder it was Farrah that for the last 25 years or so was the klepto queen. It didnt get in the tabloids or papers because her management would slyly have the stores send them the bills for all items stolen.
And last but not least dance legent Pina Bausch died of cancer. I worked with the divine Ms. Bausch in Los Angeles when she did one of her celebrated spectaculars at UCLA´s Royce Hall. She came to my club Sucker and spent quite some time following me about filming the way i moved which she interpolated into her piece. I never got to see the finished product as i was away performing in Europa. I also took her to some hardcore Latina drag clubs in Silverlake and East LA which she marveled at, and i became one of her last muses. Rest in peace sweet lady.
Rising Stars Falling Stars was lovely. We were on Monday evening as part of the Swedish Madness Series with a screening of the lesbian classic Norrtullsligan or The Nurrtull Gang from 1923. Eunice Martin did an incredible job playing piano with the film, and this time a new performative aktion was added with your hostess reading an English translation of the intertitles outloud to hilarious results.
The celebutants in attendance included Kerstin Poehls of the Swedish Consulate, lovesexy Swedish art star Anna Linder of Film Form and a gaggle of juicy lesbian Scandanavian artists including Eva Einhorn, Annika Ruth Persson with gal pal Beate. All the Swedes were drinking Sect during the screening. Also on hand director Karim Ainouz of the Brazilian film Madame Sata, Nicholas Fox Ricciardi writer with ´Sup Magazine of New York and London, Canadian Andre Mark Pennock of Forum Expanded, German beauty boy Uli Ziemons back from his stay in New York at Anthology Film Archive, adorable American scholars Zach Blas of UCLA/Duke and Megan Skanse, pretty Anna who participated in my Weissensee Class last year with her motorcycle lady friend, DJane Olga Damnitz, curator Stefanie Schulte Stathaus, accessories designer Christopher Kane, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental and delightful young artist Lindsay Lawson with a nice American woman in tow.
The next Rising Stars will be Sunday July 12th with a surprise smorgosbord program built around the experimental silent film Manhatta with live musical performances by the Blue Bros Tim & kJohnny.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just returned from a whirlwind visit to merry old Prince Harryland of London, England where i was brought over to host the indie band Gossips record release party for their new LP Music For Men. Was put up in the five star hotel Grosvenor House near Oxford high street. My room overlooked beautiful Hyde Park, and London was sunny bright and very warm. The top secret location of the party was at the new venue of Dalston Superstore a bar near Hackney. Not getting enough rest from doing the play Daddy i felt like the walking dead, but had to sparkle Neelie sparkle! Thank god my co-host for the party was Liza Minnelli doppleganger Cody Critchloe of the performance art group SSION. Cody and i use to correspond with each other back in the late 90s when he was a weenager, but i had never met him in person. Back then he was a young art student and FIT. I had a great time with sweet Cody and Gossip manager Tara aka: Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Show. La diva Beth Ditto was looking like the perfect red hot momma---sexy and delicious, and so were her band mates Nathan aka Bruce Paine and handsome Hannah Billie. I had no idea Ms. Ditto had become such a giant superstar. Everywhere she went there was papparazzi going crazy for her. They even stalked her at the hotel when we returned from the party. Its about time the media concentrated on someone interesting instead of the usual banal types. Lady Beth is a glorious starina in the mode of classic golden age of Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner and Lana Turner with a voice from the godulas.
My London assistant The Love Camel aka: Andreas Novarin secured for me two top make up artists lovely Irish lassy Siobhan and Italian face painter Christina who turned me into a vision of desire. Even my constant sweating didnt melt the hot war paint.
There were so many celebutants at the party that i can only give you a partial roundup. Here goes. Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner who stopped by on his way to dinner with Boy George, Javier Peres of Peres Projects Gallery, artist and scholar Dominic Johnson, Sue Tilley, Blitz kid Princess Julia, designers Gareth Pugh, Louise Gray and Henry Holland.
Love Camel took me to a great Mexican Cantina called Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden. I liked the food so much that i took Dom Johnson there also. Gorgeous Dom is not only academic with an impressive writing record but a youthquaking live artist who is becoming more famous by the minute.
The Camel took me shopping to Camden Market and we oogled hot boys at Regents Park getting a snack at the Honest Sausage. I also ate at a wonderful greasy spoon and munched on some divine fishcakes at this place called Squat and Gobble in Fitzrovia off Tottenham Court Road. I really needed London and London needed The Doll.
There really is no rest for the insanely wicked, no sooner was i off the plane young French documentary filmmaker Angelique Bosio was at my studio the Cheese Endique Trifecta filming me for a documentary on Bruce La Bruce, and later in the eveninng i had to DJ the Sommerfest Berliner Festspiele part off the K-Damn along with Susanne Sachsse and Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. Actually it turned out more fun then i thought it was going to be, and was an excellent way of celebrating gay shame in a mostly hetero and family oriented event in the old west.
Tommorow Monday June 22nd dont forget there is a special Swedish Madness Rising Stars, Falling Stars at the Arsenal Institute Fur Film und Video Kunst. I will be presenting the 1923 classic Norrtullsligan or Norrtull Gang and Eunice Martin will accompany the movie on piano. After the screening as always will be a wine reception in the famed Roter Foyer.