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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Returned to Berlin in the midst of a heatwave. Yucky! Went immediately into a coma, and slept what seemed like days. Got a cute email from Ms. Bee Shaffer, the vivacious daughter of Vogue Magazines Anna Wintour. Bee was sorry she and her mother missed my Bistrotheque shows, as they were in London, but she tells me that Agyness Deyn and handsome record producer Mark Ronson were there and heard me sing "Tom Cruise Loves Woman", and that Mr. Ronson is dying to work with me on a music project. What that means i have no idea, and the thought is a little scary to say the least. I met Anna Wintour and her daughter through designer Rick Owens, and they get a kick out of my irreverence, as they have no one in their lives quite like me. They will be coming to Berlin soon, staying at the Hotel de Rome, so I am sure they will take me out to a nice fancy din din, where we will spend the evening gossiping, gossiping and then more gossip.
While in London i had a fun time zipping about town with the Tate Modern´s Stuart Comer. Stuart use to be a regular at my mid 90s sexy punk rock beer bust Club Sucker. Back then he worked at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and lived in the famous Abortion House of the Stars in the Silverlake Hills right next to the Shakespeare Troll Bridge and up the street from John Marshall High School. Clint Eastwood also lived in the house in the late 1950s, and i used it as a location for my Woody Allen "Interiors" parody in my short film The White to Be Angry in the section titled "Riche Jewish Husband".
While in Missy England i was givin copies of Dik Fagazine from Warsaw and Pablo International Magazine which features another Club Sucker regular Tall Paul Gellman on the cover.
Getting a million emails from people responding to my new short film series DeRohan Chabot. The trailer is on You Tube, and i showed one of the films in the series at Bistrotheque where it got a thunderous response.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am still in merry old queen mumdom of England. Last night was the last of my events with this residency at The Bistrotheque. My performance which was called The Ginger Concubine was a total mess from beginning to end, but somehow it all worked. How i don't know. Bistrotheque is an art cabaret, and high end restaurant with delicious food. Last night there was a host of celebutants that included British artist Tracey Emin and her new beau actor Orlando Bloom. You get your gnut Miss Tracey, who is my age, Mr. Bloom being a youthquaking fleshpot. There is more to tell, but i have to run and get a smidgeon to eat with Dominic Johnson, and the Love Camel.
Back from munching out at this cute little lesbianic cafe in SoHo. The only place in the area where people are friendly. It was nice spending time with Dom and Love Camel. Love Camel helped me tremendously with all three shows, creating a special Ginger Appreciation video, and securing some spectacular photos of humpy ginge delights. He also created the before and after the show music, as well as my performance soundtrack, that consisted of Cambodian, Thai and Turkish surf rider sounds. Love Camel's day job is with the British Film Institute. The Camel has been devoted to the Vaginal Davis doll since i first met him in Milan in 1996.
Dom Johnson who is one of the youngest most beautiful academics in Britain teaches at Queen Mary College, and hosted me on this trip for two glorious nights at his South London compound that i like to call Edith Wharton Estates. The last few nights were spent with Mr. Comer and his new young gentleman caller Nicholas, a 22 year old St. Martins grad who looks like a young Montgomery Cliff (circa the Heiress)crossed with Andrew Cunanan .
Getting back to the audience at my show. I had a spirited bunch that included the entire Lesbian Soccer Team that professor Jennifer Doyle hung with while she was in Britain, also famed scholar Rachel "Savage Theory"Moore, with her drop dead gorgeous daughter, and her sexy young pals who all just graduated from Goldsmith College, and were in a high celebratory mood. Studly academe Gavin Butt, was looking particularly desireable, along with Susanne of No Bra fame, performance artist Oreet Ashery, Yusi Etiman and the other members of the Basso collektive, luscious Karol & Pawel from Dic Fagazine of Warsaw, artist Henrik Olesen, Elias Redstone, the director of Architechture Foundation, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, the bi-continental Norweigan artsticle, Kamal Ackarie of Forma, who produced Charles Atlas' work with Antony and the Johnsons, delightful Lee Adams of Club Kaos with his sweet lookalike life partner. I don´t know how so many people fit in the space, but also seen was Sarah McCrory of Studio Voltaire and the Publishing Fair, humpalicious Craig Garrett, DJ at the Cock and editor at Phaidon with super sizzle of a girlfriend Connie and pal. Craig and i go back with each other as he is the platonic lover of Andrew Gould, who i use to do Bricktops with in LA. Craig is one of the most manly looking men alive and has a penis that is 24 centimeters long. Mike Skinner of the Streets, with well endowed Skaly lad looking artist Jim Richards, who had a show at the ICA where he made these blankets with images of Keith Haring and his blatino lovers and gallerists. Leave it to the ICA to adore art that only makes reference to the sacred monied $cash bovines of the art world.
David, who manages the Bistrotheque with his lover Pablo Leon de la Barra, formerly of the Blow de la Barra Gallery was sweet and well organized, and made me feel very welcome during the residency. We worked well together, and i'd love to come back and do something again at the space which was great with a delightful staff of booty pies, including a tall Lithuanian barkeep who really floated my proverbial boat.
Sunday i hosted and DJ'd the Butt Magazine Salty Dog Beer Bust, and boy was there a lot of people milling about dwinking and such. The party mix of Tim Blue visuals really kept the crowd in awe and some photographers were using it as a backdrop for portraits all night. I wore the wrong outfit for such a warm afternoon event. I shouldn't have worn my Rick Owens dress with a catsuit under it. Really, what was i thinking? After about an hour behind the wheels of steel doing my spinderella take, i turned into a sweat beast, looking uglier then a Kottbusser Tor crusty. Dom and I joined Mr. Comer and old LA pal turned international arts grifter Maynard Monroe up in the restaurant for a hearty gourmand meal. Maynard is the bastard daughter of Marilyn and JFK, his mother didn't die of an overdose as reported in the media but giving birth to him.
Saturday was my first night of the residency where i performed and hosted the Pink Mass for Stuart Comer of the Tate Modern. The evening was beyond packed with a who ´s who of names beginning with Nils Norman, artist and friend of the late Colin de Land, Alice Rawsthorn, the design critic with the Hearst International Paper and New York Times, Catherine Wood, performance curator with the Tate Modern, Vanessa DeSclaux, hot French curator, Charles Atlas, art historian Clair Bishop, Dale Cornish, Christian Marclay, Jop of Butt Magazine, Dean Samashima Yusi of Basso, Conrad Ventur of Useless Magazine, Joe Scotland, editor of Frieze Magazine Jennifer Higgie, ICA curator Mark Sladen, with his boyfriend Garrett, Karl Kolbitz Wolfgang Tilman's studio manager who is the hunkiest most beautiful German skinhead i have ever seen in my life with a taunt rack of death and translucent skin, Paul Bernstock and Thelma Spiers the famed Milliners to Boy George and Kylie, Stefan Kalmar the director of the Munich Kunstverker, and lover of dancer Michael Clark, DJ Jon Jo, artists Daniel Sinsel, Merlin Carpenter, Josephine Pryde, Hilary Lloyd, Pablo Bronstein, visual artist who does conceptual dance pieces, Joe Moran, who does the same thing as Pablo and is very Sloan Ranger in a cute Hugh Grant kind of way. Conor Donlon of Conor Donlon Bookshop, which is below Wolfgang Tilman's studio and is the best bookstore in London according to John Waters and many others.
Have to stop here as i have to finish packing and try to make it to Lisa Stansfield Aeroport in time for my flight back to Berlina. Special thanks to Love Camel, Dom Johnson, Stuart Comer, David and the Bistrotheque Btheque Gang and super beautiful Priscila Matano, the incredible Brazilian makeup artist who beat me a fine face for the performances.