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Monday, December 14, 2009

Last night was the final performance of The Bad Breast or The Strange Case of Theda Lange at HAU 2 in Berlin. What a great audience! They really came to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Some of the notables in the crowd: NYU Professor of Performance Studies Tavia Nyongo, German film director Rosa Von Praunheim, Sven Neumann, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson, Salome & Richard Gershe,Umit Benan, Bertrand Bordenave,Antoine Arnault, academic star Nicolas Luhmann, film producer Jurgen Bruning, Klaus Matthes, actor Constantine Berger, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his beau Enrico Dallman who had to see BB a second time, and took me to a fabulous dinner to celebrate the run. Here are some more comments about the piece:

„Susanne Sachsse put in a tour de force--what a force of nature she is“

"great choreography and music" "loved the psychoanalytical world that was invoked in a very playful manner"

and some more personal notes from the former prima ballerina & her husband the experimental filmmaker and a dear tidbit from the visiting scholar:

---i just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance---what a sweet- shocking character----really ludwig and i loved you! i thougt the piece was quite hilarious in parts my phantasies went high---but some parts especially in the first part were too explained for me-----love trixie und ludwig

Dear Ms. Davis,

I was tickled, poked, and prodded by your performance in the Bad
Breast last night! Melanie Klein really found her muse in your
unheimlich Dora doing the balloon-pop strip-tease to the tune of DJ
Dimitri from Paris' "A very stylish fille"!

I would love to get a photo or two of that performance for a lecture
I'm giving in January at Goldsmith's on the body between sexology and
the freak show. Was there someone officially documenting the show I
could contact?

Congrats on your thespian success and have a blast in Vienna!



Sunday, December 13, 2009

My dearest darlings, i am sorry its taken me forever to write, but The Bad Breastage, the piece by Judy LaBruce that ends its successful run at the HAU 2 theatre in Berlin tonight, is physically draining, and after each performance i have to rush home and get right into bed. Tomorrow afternoon we zip off to Vienna, Austria for a 4 night stand at the Brut Theatre, so i hope to see all my Wien fans in the audience, if i don´t suffer a nervous collapse first.
Now for all the gossipy gossip and a list of who was seen drop kicking whom. At the premiera; long on the tooth German actress Nicolette Krebitz must have hated The Bad Breast, as she was spotted texting on her handy during the entire performance. The new Berlin power couple of Christoph Gurk and careerist artist suprema Keren Cytter were in smooch heaven at the after party which featured DJ sets by Judy LaBruce, Snax, and Tennessee Claffin aka: Baby Brian (Club Pork and Slum at Frankenstein 5000 nee Ficken 3000) the Mormen boy toy of choice to A-list Hollywood film directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer. Also seen at the premiere: Frau Hildebrand aka: Dr. Feelgood the sexy Heilprakterin to the stars, with her silver fox husband, Angelika Wedde, costume and stage designer who worked with superstar Mario Montez while she was in Berlin for Jack Smith! Live Film! Handsome global editrix Manuela Kay and her lovesexy Hamburg joy girl Adachi, Pola Sieverding and her humpy medical student boyfriend, Sexy Sasha, Zwonko from Queer Zagreb Festival, Wieland Speck of the Panorama Section of the Berlinale, French chanteuse Zazie de Paris with Downtown New York legend John Heys, pop star Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras back from his North American tour with boyfriend Enrico Dallman, Wolfgang & Christina of Discoteka Flaming Star, the huge peniid Norweigian theater scandal director Vegard Vinge and his German bride Ida Müller, luscious Hanna Hurtzig of Mobile Academy, Cigdem, Alessio and Theodora of the bb books gang, Olof Dreijer from the Swedish band The Knife, who was getting all horndoggy over Bad Breast´s Spanish performer and filmmaker Alejandro Duran, Karen Dreijer Andersson Olof´s sister, choreographer Alex Rocolli, video artists Evelyn Rüssler and Liz Rosenfeld, Aussie performance artist Sarah Jane Norman, The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective of Little Alex of Macedonia, Tasty Tim, Juicy Julian, & Mourning Becomes Elektra with Israeli dancer Assaf Hochman, Exile Gallery´s Christian Siekmier, Chloe Griffin, Julian Binet, Isabel Spengler, grande dame curator Clarissa Dalrymple with mens wear designer Adam Kimmel, artists Antonio Baird aka Werner Hirsh, the Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst Krew of Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons & Nadja Talmi, Lcavaliero of Spicy Tigers on Speed, prima ballerina Beatrice „Trixie“ Cordua, architects Jean Nouvel & David Chipperfield, art photog Annette Frick with experimental filmmaker and guru Wilhelm Hein, Lawrence Kilshaw the sweet British beau of Bad Breasts Nando Messias, dorky American writer Dave Eggars, and a slew of filmmakers who have suddenly become curious about crazy Canadian LaBruce like Casey and Van Neistat, Lynn Shelton & Mark Duplas of the American comedy Hump Day, German/Turkish Fatih Akin, Marco Kreuzpaintner, Christian Alvart, and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. I´m sure I´ve neglected some names, but i will have to add them later.
Some of the criticism of the Bad Breast was this:

„Its misogynist!“ „Its lazy!“ „Messy“ „Too much theory“ „Too little Theory“ „The relationship between the twin sisters played by Susanne Sachsse and Vaginal Davis wasn´t developed enough, the twin sister Nora shouldn´t have been one of the neurotic disorders . . . „There was no need for the son or the papparazi photographer, it should have been all about the three main female characters-Theda, Nora & Dr. Jocasta Joy, the analyst.“

So there you have it in a proverbial nutshell. Everyone has an opinion on this piece, and I thought CHEAP Blacky generated a lot of heated discussion.