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Thursday, February 03, 2011

My favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles is this tiny area of Hollywood close to Little Armenia called Melrose Hill. Its just about a block and a half radius of modest single family homes built around 1909-1926 off of Western and Melrose Avenues that are just radiant. Every time I get a chance I have someone drive by this area so I can revel in its beauty. Jason El Norte, the lanky South Dakotan who use to be one of my spastic Bricktop’s at the Parlour Club taxi dancers not only drove me to Melrose Hill but we actually got out of the car and took a leisure stroll of the Hill as he took pictures of some of the houses with his mobile phone. If I could get a sugar daddy to buy me a house in this tiny enclave I might consider living in the southland again. Jason who grew up in subfreezing winterlandia is quite enamored of Los Angeles. He has been making quite a career for himself as a philanthropist of the courtesanic kind, which is not an easy profession as Los Ang can be a bitter hard knock town. He lives frugally and is not ostentatious in the least, but I fear that he is registering a bit of concu fatigue, strain and burnout that is only a natural part of the intimate service industry.
Tuesday night Meesh Mills took me out for a scrumptious feast and Margarita’s at Casita Del Campo in Silverlake. It was great catching up with this beautiful lady who is so kind, smart and generous. We closed the joint down with our gab fest and then Meesh drove me around Hollywood as we reminisced about all our old haunts. Earlier in the day the major Ms. Gorgeous artist Karen Lofgren with her new beau and ex husband Cyril Kuhn came to take me to lunch at the Fisherman’s Market on Central and 6th. This is one of my alltime fav old timey LA eateries. Of course I ordered the giant shrimp on the grill and woofed it down in less then a minute. Karen & Cyril are in new relationships but remain very close and their art practise has gone through a lot of amazing and very exciting changes. Cyril is doing large scale paintings that are very heroic, and Karen has expanded on her sculptural installation work and is engulfed in creating a new feminine cosmos.
I forgot to mention that the other day I got together with art historian Robert Summers and his lovesexy Otis students--- hairy, hot & humpy Argentinian Jonathan, bubble butt Iranian beauty Rashad who were in my MoCa piece dejecta/protecta and sweatie pie Ethan. We drank weiss wine shorle at the Doyle Compound and later zipped around the corner to Deltas Tacos for cheap homemade Mexican food. As you can tell I can’t get enough of Mexican food on this trip, and have been eating it almost every day.
Hector Martinez's mom Mrs. Silvia Martinez cooked me an incredible Mexican feast of tamales and enchilades at their comfy home in South Gate. Mrs. Martinez is a very lovely woman with sparkling mischieveous eyes and a smile that can light a room. She speaks softly but carries a great amount of authority and confidence. Both Hector’s parents are the kind of Angelinos who you don’t see that much of anymore and who really make the city special. All of the Martinez children are successful and prosperous, the baby of the family Danny Martinez is married with a pretty wife who is getting her masters degree at Loyola Marymount while Danny is in the PhD program at UCLA but teaches disadvantaged kids at Jourdan Down High School in Watts which is just a train track away from his parents home in South Gate. Hector and his lover Ericla surprised me with an early birthday cake baked by his gay cholo cousin Victor aka: Chewy, the Enforcer. Being that I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness I realized that this is my first ever birthday cake. My actual birthday is coming up Feb 20th – Piecien for all you hippy dippy astrological types---so here is your subtle reminder to bestow the doll with plenty of gifts, lunches, breakfasts and din dins. My official age is now 29 ½ having been 24 for several decades.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jason Bryne the cute blondine boy who attended Cal Arts and lived next door to Dr. Doyle came by and visited me and we drank some weiss wine shorle. Jason is leaving Silverlake for good to return to Africa where he has been working for the last three years as an audio visual archivist for the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rawanda located in Arusha, Tanzania. It’s a good paying gig and I can understand the allure of being in some exotic location when you are also a filmmaker, but Africa is one problematic continent. With all their colonial baggage that will never go away and political corruption and strife, that is the last place on earth I would ever want to go. Jason was telling me about the icky Dutch Flower Farmers, the EAC which is like the African version of the EU, and the South African Boer big game hunters. Also there is always a very real threat of constant violence and upheaval. I worry about Jason. He is just a little cute dorky boy with a big penis, and something tells me he is getting into something way beyond his control that can easily spell trouble. Just this woman’s opinion.
Picked up my sister Teresa Ray from her job at the County Housing Authority over near Westlake/MacArthur Park. The weather was breathtaking as the short rainstorm on Sunday made everything crystalline clear. My poor family and their woes. I took my sister to eat lunch at Mama’s Hot Tamales on 7th Street and Alvarado and we tried to hash out what can be done to help my older sister who is dying of cancer but the cancer seems to be progressing slower then was previously thought. This is mainly due I believe to mind over matter as my older sister Gracie Lee is able to just via sheer will keep it somewhat at bay and from entering her vital organs. Its in her bones, so she is in a lot of pain and discomfort but like my mother she has a high tolerance for pain, and now she is distracted by the illness of her son and daughter. Gracie Lee looks horrible when you see her with the skin just falling off her bones and no piece of clothing in the world seems to fit her, but perhaps she can delay the inevitable by her complete deluse adaise.
Jeffrey Hilbert came by to fetch me and bring the doll to dinner at my old Club Sucker partner Frank Rodriguez’s new house in Glassel Park that he shares with his hot fiery ginger lover, the extremely gifted artist and photographer Patrick Lee. Their home in the foothills was built in 1960 and use to be owned by a famous songwriter who wrote pop hits for Frank Sinatra and others in the 1950s and 1960s. The place is simply gorgeous with a large deck and a 1970s style hot tub that the pair uses for seduction purposes and retro photoshoots. The din din was delicious middle eastern style grilling that made my belly inflate to epic proportions. Frank Rodriguez and Jeffrey are business partners with Kustom Creative in Silverlake at the Junction, and the pair use to work together at Sony Pictures. It was so sweet attending a masculine dinner party with three of LA’s most humpiest sex gods. One of these days I will have to write in this very blog about all the sex that Frank had during the five years we did Club Sucker together at the Garage on Santa Monica Blvd at Virgil in Virgil Village. Frank has this masculine edge about him that all the alt fag and indie rock boys just could not resist.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday night I visited Stella of Stray Pop, KXLU’s longest running radio program. Andrew Gould my partner with Bricktops drove me to the Loyola Marymount Campus in Westchester through the fog that was frightening me because of the low visibility. Hanging out with Miss Stella was kinky humpy dork Ethan Port of the band Savage Republic. Ethan actually looked good, and hadn’t aged badly. He’s married with a teenage daughter who is a lesbiana. I adore Stella who is a true LA treasure and radiant oddball. On the drive back to the eastside Andrew treated his doll to some tacos from an amazing taco truck parked in Echo Park that wasn't surrounded with bearded Silverlake hipsters. The beard look has now replaced the goatee with the twentysomething male set.
Earlier in the day I ran around with my old pal Craig Roose aka: Billy Wisdom of Billy Wisdom and the HeShees, aka: Jacqueline Essex of Britpop band Stupor and cable access TV hostessa Summer Caprice who can do a mean Billy Holiday impersonation. Craig is one of LA’s most underrated performer/personalities and a true genius of the subversive. I really love him and we go back over 30 years of punk rock foolery. He took me to a bunch of thrift stores in the Valley, and it was just marvelous hanging with him in a part of Los Angeles I know very little about.Craig grew up in the valley.
Early in the morn I had breaky at Astro Family off of Fletcher Drive in Silverlake with young art star and beauty goddess Ms. ZacKary Drucker. I love the new generation of gender children like ZacKary and Wu Ingrid Tsang who are doing really interesting work and taking the place of us elder spokeswomen.
Met with Jeffrey Hilbert at his advertising agency Kustom Creative and we went to visit the ailing yet still brilliant Mrs. Michael Glass who suffered from two strokes in the last few years leaving him bed ridden in a rest home off of Temple Street near Historic Filipino Town. Mrs. Glass is the one responsible for the success in the 90s of Amok Books and its famed Dispatch series. Jeffrey Hilbert and Gary Stella are complete angels for coming to help a friend in need when others in Silverlake were only fair weather companions to the troubled Mrs. Glass. Both Mrs. Glass and I come from the same poor background of Watts and South Central Los Angeles, and we escaped to become celebrated artists. Mrs Glass has a MFA from Cal Arts and her work was a highlight of the celebrated queer exhibition from the late 80s Against Nature that was curated by Dennis Cooper at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions(LACE).
On Thursday Jeffrey Hilbert and Miss Morgan Rhodes of Sony Pictures took me to Aleggria in Silverlake for a wonderful Mexican dinner. The food at this little bistro is incredible, and they give you great service and are really nice and friendly.
Cesar Vega who works in commercial TV and film production also took me to Allegria on Saturday evening for din din. There was an eastside hipster couple eating across from us and the man was drop dead gorgeous. I couldnt keep my eyes off of him, and Cesar who is straight was macking on the handsome dudes female companion.
After supper Cesar to me for a visit to his luxury Hollywood office and post production facility. The financial meltdown isn't affecting Cesar's business. He is doing better then ever. Later we wound up having drinks at The Spotlight with my favorite bartender Jerry making me the stiffest vodka gimlets imagineable. There were a few lumpy gogo boys on parade which Cesar wasn’t featuring so we left and he took me to Goldiggers on Santa Monica Blvd at Wilton Place, which is the 20 cent strip joint which is owned and run by Vietnamese sex workers ruled over by a no nonsense dragon lady of a madame. The place was fun and sleazy, but I was glad we didn’t spend that much time there. In the late 80s the club featured Latina pepperpot strippers.
Sunday morning was taken to Hollywood Farmers Market on Ivar by the beautiful black novelist Lisa Teasley. Lisa has remarried to a handsome naturalist health professional and is teaching at UC Riverside creative writing and a poetry course. Her gorgeous daughter is now 14 years old and in her first relationship. Ms. Teasley is the most positive woman in the world, and knows how to get her needs met. I have to learn to pattern my life after her. While at the marketa we ran in to Jason Byrne who lives in the courtyard apartment complex where Dr. Doyle use to reside on Edgecliffe. He has been working in Africa and making experimental documentary films. I didn’t recognize him at first with his short cropped hair, but he looks beautiful with those blondine locks and full pillow lips of vermillion. I bet he is a white boy packing some major USDA grade.
Also bumped into silver foxx Joseph Louise Brooks, the birdwatcher and former Hollywood trendy club kingpin, and his riche lover. Mr. Brooks married well, and he and his partner live in a fabulous compound that is Hancock Park adjacent. God love the discrete charm of the bougieousie. Pardon me for not spelling the word correctly. Exiting the market we dropped by the Hollywood World News Stand to holler at Diz McNally the official Countess of the Cahuenga Corridor. I love me my Diz! who use to be known as the most fired waitress in Hollywood.
Later in the evening my oldest friend in the world Marlou de Luna who I have known since 3rd grage and her husband Hal Marinas took me to dinner at the little boite Reservoir which use to be Netty’s that sits across from Spaceland at Dreams. The food was great, but I wasn’t featuring the staff. They were trying to be nice, but I could tell they weren’t having us. Silverlake has really changed and restaurants like this are a sad reminder of that fact.
Monday morning one of my lovesexy dejecta/protecta Rock Hudson boy beauties---Robbie Acklen the juicy ginger with the beard and constant erection came by to visit me and cooked the lady a delicious vegan amulet omeleta. How sweet of him to drive all the way from the Claremont Colleges to spend time with the lady. I really adore my hot children of high art. Robbie gave me a lift to the subway so I could meet with my older sister Teresa Ray so we could deal with all the issues facing my oldest sister Gracie Lee who is dying of breast cancer, and my nephew who is now in the hospital because of two strokes. Things are just escalating for my poor relatives. My sister Teresa Ray is also a hoarder whose dingbat apartment in Hollywood is filled to the roof with so much junk that no one can even enter it.