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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hung out with the brilliantine Brian Grillo, one of LA's great beauties and talents. I go back over 20 odd years with Brian, and he is a Los Ang treasure. We cruised the Hollywood/Ivar Farmers Market checking out and commenting on the boyganza and cute young fathers that crowd the place. Ran into famous novelist Lisa Teasley and her posse that included daugher Imogene and hunky boyfriend Daniel. Lisa's sizzling new book is called Heat Signature--great title! and I'm sure Oprah is going to choose it for her Book Club.
After getting some sugar from Lisa & Co, Brian and i ate some yummy tamales and had more then a couple of drinks at the Spotlight Pub, the last of the original John Rechy style hustler bars on the Cahuenga/Selma corridor. You know I'm a major alcoholica if i'm drinking at 2:30pm, but i don't care. It was a hoot seeing the hustlers afternoon shenanigans. One little fugly but muscular feller was getting shrimped by some sad sack older Latino man who looked like Tony Orlando. Maybe it was Tony Orlando, Actor Keifer Sutherland has been spending time at the Spotlight, so anything is possible there.
Had lunch with Dino Dinco, the juicy photographer who sports a very pronounced taste for latino men. Yes Dino is Cookoo for coco cocks. We had lunch at this adorable cafe across from MacArthur Park and ran into Lisa Teasley's cute sister Erika who is a successful lawyer. Lisa and her sister come from a very prominent LA black politico family. Their parents are pals with all the leading civil rights figures and hobnob with Washington elite. Erika has the most adorable young son. I'm so out of it, that I didn't even know she was married.
Dino and I then went to the Wiltern Theatre to interview Eugene Hutz of the New York based Gypsy Punk concern Gogol Bordello. Eugene is also the star, or rather scene stealer of the film Everything is Illuminated. He is major Ms. Gorgeous. I wanted to be his sperm receptacle, which made it a little difficult to focus as i was interviewing him. He is so lean with not one ounce of fat on that smoldering wwhite Ukraine body of his. Thinly muscular boys like Eugene are always packing cruel club cocks. Its refreshing interviewing someone who is so comfortable in their pigskin, and has become a success without turning into a complete careerist boar.
Later that evening i returned to see the show and i was left in a state of extreme ecstasis, especially when Eugene took off his shirt. He was on a strange bill that featured the icky band Cake, Sara & Tegan, who i guess are the new Indigo Girls, and some comedian i could have done without. Thank god Gogol went on second. The minute they finished i ran out of the sterile Wiltern Theatre. Not one of my favorite venues. Expensive drinks and ugly staff. I remember when the Wiltern was a second run movie house that was almost demolished in the 1970s. I'm glad it still exists, but i wish the place was run better.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I always enjoy my correspondences from around the world. The snail mail and email. The very best emugs always come from that legends legend Bruce "Judy" LaBruce. Must share with you his most recent casual writing genius.

vaginal vaginal vaginal. yes i?m back in stupid toronto. i?ve been back for a week now, but i?m sort of out of sorts. i can?t seem to get anything accomplished. it always takes me so long to decompress and get back into my normal life after an extended trip abroad. you know what i?m sayin? i have been going to the gym every day, which is good, because i was starting to turn into the life and death of colonel blimp. tony my boyfriend is still staying with me. he?s waiting to get into a govt. subsidized apartment. i have so much work to do but by the time i get up, eat, read my periodicals on the internet, bathe, go to the gym, come home, answer emails, watch television, and spend time with the bf, there?s no time left to do anything else and i?m too tired anyway. so what?s the point? of living? i have to write this article for black book about my lawsuit, and i have to talk to some friends of tony about che guevera, so i better get to it. i?m going down to new york for benderson?s party next thursday ? don?t tell him, i want to upstage ? er, i mean surprise ? him. maybe i?ll show up as jt leroy. the rest of my trip to berlin was productive. i had a bunch of events. the best one was with gottfried ensslin, the gay brother of gudrun. he recently published the letters that his sister wrote to him while she was in stammheim prison. he contacted jurgen and susanne and arranged an event where susanne read from the letters, followed by a screening of rasp reich and a discussion with me. all very german. gottfried had mixed feelings about the movie when he first saw it, but now he loves it and says there are a lot of parallels with the letters. he's really funny. the letters in the seventies inspired him to break into and vandalize the berlin stock exchange while on LSD! he was caught, but for some reason they went easy on him. the gay community criticized him - for acting alone! he's still quite an interesting kind of activist. he supports bisexuality. don?t we all. ok i got to go eat the dinner that tony has prepared while watching american idol. susanne and i also met with mathias lilienthal of the Hebbel Theatre several times and it looks like the play, i wrote "They Saved Ulrike's Brain" may happen, so brush up on your angela davis. xxx blab

dear: yes the human sexual drive is a relentless hooker above all things. but don’t be too robert downey jr. on yourself for succumbing to the urge to gawk at youthful beauty. they should be thankful that anyone is looking at them at all in the flower of their youth of today because after all tomorrow’s parties no one is going to pay them any mind at all and they will wish they had bathed in their glory while they had the chance. it’s so romantic that you went to see a melvyn douglas movie in spite of, or perhaps because of, your desperality. i love melvyn douglas. he was such a rake’s progress. today is saturday. all day. my bf tony is in hamilton for the weekend, do-doing that voodooing that he do so well. apparently there’s a turtle on the block this weekend. don’t worry about being singular. being in a relationship isn’t that great shakes either. the worst part about it is that it takes up so much of your time! i mean, i’m exasperated by the fact that tony has been living with me for the last two months because he got kicked out of his last apartment and he’s looking for a new one. but i do find it difficult to sustain a relationship, to be engaged all the time, to balance the personal and the professional. play and work. anyway, hammas might be a good alternative for us. let’s go to palestine and live out the rest of our lives as mujahadeen. ok i gotta go get a tattoo. chins up. x blab