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Friday, March 10, 2006

Because of popular demand i'm posting some of the raw materials of my illustrious interviews from the prestigious international fashion and arts quarterly Zoo
Magazine. Zoo is published in the Netherlands and is in English and German with editorial offices in Paris. The English language editor is the famed Rebecca Voight who also edited Dutch Magazine, that I also use to write for. I begin this series with my interview with Joel Gibb of the acclaimed Toronto band, The Hidden Cameras. Enjoy.

Ms. Davis: Hey Darling, here are some comments for you to entertain. feel free to run with it in any direction thats suits your comely nature Here we go----Meeting you was one of my all time thrills. Its something about you Canucks i find thrilling, most of my best friends are Canadians and there seems to be something about the North that produces talented individuals with an unflinching zest for life that is so different from their puritan bretheran in the US of A. Is this something you've noticed as well? You Canadians are definately crazy, but its in a creative, fertile way. All my favorite film directors like Bruce "Judy" LaBruce, Robert Altman, David Cronenberg, Etom Whatever his name that directed The Sweet Hereafter and artists like you, Rufus Wainwright and Peaches who now lives in Berlin. Is there something in your distilled water?

Joel Gibb: I do agree that for such a small population there are a lot of creative Canadians, you didn't even mention all the million-selling female singers and virtually ALL the famous north american comedians as well, i think it's that we are outsiders a bit culturally so we work harder then what is expected.

VD: I think i feel a connection with you because we're both outsiders. Both > loners to a certain extent. On the surface we seem extroverted, but when you peel the layers back we're both introverts and quite solitary. I see that you're very observant of your surroundings, always making mental notes, or perhaps you take physical notes for ideas in your songs and art work. You're definately a consumate artist on every level. What is your art manifest? Do you have a Mr. Gibb S.C.U.M. Manifesto?

JG: I agree with your analysis, I am ususaly very extroverted but can also be very quiet and observant. I don'' think i have a manifesto though, i mean I'm
sure i do, but i never put it into words or anything.I try not to put any imitations on what i can do either lyrically or even the medium in which I make
art. I try to make up my own rules for my art. But my rules are random and based on instinct you know?

VD: Not to get personal, but what is your background? Are you mulatto?, the product of former runaway slaves into Canada that just decided to pass for white because they were so high yellow. There is something that is soooo Negro about you. What do your parents do for a living?

JG: My dad is an accountant and my mom is a social worker,no i am not black at all I am almost 100% Scottish.But from like 150 years ago.

VD: Do you have sibblings? An older sister and a younger brother Have you
impregnated anyone lately.
JG: No but i was asked once and regret not doing it.
VD: I'm sure there are lots of ladies who would like to have your child. Even though i find you incredibly handsome. You're not an easy sell to most people.
Your looks are quirky, and those John Wayne Gacy eyes! Of course if you were a typical goodlooking man, you wouldn't have the scope and depth that you possess. You'd be happy to be anywhere. You're not that simple. Your're complicated. You remind of the 20th Century Fox contract player from the 40s John Payne. A little bit of him and the paramount pictures silent film star Richard Arlen, known for not wearing the awful pancake makeup of the day and going for a more natural look.
I take it that you came from this suburban background. I'm an urban gal, so i have a hard time understanding what its like in suburbia and then add to that suburbia in Canada. What do you care to relay about your childhood practices and yucky secrets. Are there abuse issues? Just kidding,unless there were, then give me the T!
JG:Never was abused at all in any way, In university though i kind of wanted something inapropriate to happen but no, nothing!!!!
VD:You must have been self possessed at an early age. Sure of your place in the world with a early visionary path laid before you. Of course having friends and playing hockey wasn't part of your tract. You knew you didn't fit in and you were right with that i'm sure.
JG: I knew i was different but as far as forseeing my future no. I really liked music that is all i knew.
VD: Are you doomed to be alone forever? At best you'll only have little tiny love affairs ----catch as catch can. No one will be able to handle your genius, and they will be a hinderance anyway. That fate use to bother me when i was younger, but now that I'm ancient, I've accepted it as my destiny. Something tells me that if you are still living with your parents in your 30s ,40s, 50s you won't mind that, its something you can easily accept as part of the overall package.

JG: Ok now i think this is you trying to project yourself on me. Or maybe I am denying my unavoidable fate? I am a very romantic guy and am very capable of being with one guy for a long time. Now the fact that i have been single for 2 years says another thing. I like to say that I am waiting for Mr Right and you can't produce
him when you want. He will just fall on your lap when you least expect it, and since i'm expecting this all the time it kind of foils my plans. It's also fun
being single and meeting guys all the time and fantacizing about a new guy every day.
VD: I find that part of the sacrifice of being a great artist is that you'll live life in an unconventional manner outside of the norms of regular society and its dictates. You're probably a little bit of a sex freak as well. I could see you being a jelly queen, or a jowls queen.
JG: what is a jelly queen! sounds fun. a jowls queen sounds fun too.
VD: getting into that kind of transgressive sexuality. Being with cute boys is phun, but can be a bit tedious and you are also so way beyond sex. Your religious background obviously plays a crucial role in your art. Your music is spiritual, your songs are anglo negro spirituals. You're really a modern day Paul Robeson-----so very Deep River. Of course get ready for the persecution that Paul Robeson received. Thats headed your way as well. I think you've girded your loins in preperation for all that will undoubtedly be unleased upon you once the fervor of your talents are upwinded into the mainstream consciousness. Your successes have been slow and steady, which i think is best. You won't burn out so quickly and won't suffer the backlash of the evil corporate media structure, that loves to make and break artists just for amusement. You're such a prestige artist. If this was the late 70s or early 80s you'd be signed to a major label like a Joan Armatrading and you'd be their prestige project that gives the label clout and shows that they aren't about just selling millions of records. I believe that you could also sell millions of records, and by not changing a thing in what you do. The music buying public is growing weary of the mediocre and i think you'll stand out and those heady millions will flock to you.
JG:I hink the public is getting dumber and dumber actuallly, just take a look at the degredation of punkrock, look at what teens are consuming right now it is
like a copy of a copy of a copy of something rebellious. IT sucks. is there even an underground? I don't think so
(to be continued)