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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-Briefe aus der Garderobe screening Sunday of Pina Bausch´s Die Klage der Kaiserin(Lament of an Empress,1989) was knockoutsluggo SRO with 30 people having to be turned away who didn’t reserve their ticket before hand.  Those not admitted included Israeli choreographer Assaf Hochman, make-up artiste and bon vivante Akira Knightly who creates the fab looks of the Boris Bidjan collection, actor Garrett Hedlund, Martin Cracium and Documenta director Adam Szymcyzk.

The lucky ones able to join Ms. Davis, wearing a regal Rick Owens gown, her partner in grime Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson the Scandinavian Jewish Muzlim extremist and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in the joyous celebration of climbing onto the shoulders of others while in a drunken state included cavorting  film scholar Marcuse Siegelstein with ladylove Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of CHEAP kollektiv, artists Lydia Hamann and Kay Osteroth who are producing a new project and book called Radical Admiration Society, My German baby sis the Afro Deutsch entrepreneur Clarisse Mehring and her sweet pal Sonja, musicians Caroline Polachek & Patrick Wimberly with blondine German acting tyro Max von der Groeben, DJ Kygo from Norway, beautiful British hungthrob Edward Holcroft, Forum Expanded´s  Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in Europa, Nadine Voß with comrades Anna and Linda from Silent Green Kulture Quartier, junior art curators from the Goethe Universität and Frankfurt´s Staedeschule Clare, Marie, Marinka & Phillip, Markus Ruff of Arsenal Experimental, Trixie and Ludvig Schonherr, artist Maggie Schneider, Salome Gersch with her super sexy Columbian pal from the Friei Universität Camilo of the Valley.  
Inadvertently ran into a dingequeen delight with breath worse then Sean DeLear who uses his large Nubian phallus to dickmatize lonely heartsclub caucasion men with a sweet tooth for some kind of exotica love.  Hadn't seen this dubious persona for sometime on the Berlin city streets so I thought that people were on to his grifty ways, but obviously he is still able to “werk it” with impunity as he is still in Germany and hasn't been run out of town with a pitchfork up his ass.  I guess there is no such thing as being a victim only a volunteer.  And the people he dupes deserve what they get.  After talking to this character for ten minutes and hearing him rattle on nonsensically anyone with a working brain would flee in terror not withstanding breath that smells like a small animule died in his mouth.