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Friday, October 30, 2020


Ich will keinen Skandal.

Du darfst nur keinen Schritt mehr von mir weggehen.

In the second wave of Miss Rona Barrett virus in Germany the numbers keep climbing and now its up to over 10,000 new cases a day in the country with over 1000 in the capital city. November 2nd will be a second lockdown to curb the rise. I realized things were going downhill when the Federal Health Minister of the country Jens Spahn a ganymede if ever there was one came down with the virus. He probably caught it from too many bukake parties with his husband Daniel Funke and the former US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, a sad sack if ever there was one. Listen kiddies don't rush out too quickly in a misguided search for alpha spermatozoa.

Speaking of elections, the Vagimule Doll has been voted President of the board of directors for the not-for-profit artist space Participant Inc. in the lower east side of New York City. Participant Inc. founded by the great Lia Gangitano.  They will be celebrating almost 20 years of valued work in the Downtown art community. So excited to be a part of ushering in a new period for this hallowed space.


Upcoming for the winter season of Adams & Ollman in Portland Oregon's Pacific Northwest, Ms. Davis' west coast gallerist:

Installation view, Lois Dodd and Sharif Farrag.

Joan Nelson, Untitled, 2019, spray enamel and acrylic ink on acrylic sheet, 24 x 24 inches.


Also DJ Snax sent a little note with some special end of the year treats from the longtime Berlin favorite.

‘No Dancing - Remastered’
‘Hat Trick - Remastered’

1/06, Everywhere 11/20.

Hi all,
I'm thrilled to re-release two singles from my first album, and honored to include the fabulous remixes, too!

I wrote 'No Dancing' sitting in bed in my East Village New York apartment with a Roland 303 Groovebox. The lyrics reflected a changing city, brought about by Giuliani and the reintroduction of archaic dance licensing laws that literally banned dancing in bars. Who knew that grieving over a time when we could get together and dance would still resonate twenty years later? As for 'Hat Trick,' that was a disco meditation on the ups and downs of gay cruising, the titular hat a metaphor for various disguises and fronts put on in such environments.

These two tunes along with 'Got This Thing' were first unleashed on a small new label called Freu_nd, run by future DJ star ND Baumecker. The release was just one reason I eventually made my way over to Europe, settling in Berlin and releasing my first full album From The Rocking Chair To The Stage on Geneva's Mental Groove. MG ordered up remixes for limited edition releases of both songs, and all tracks have now been remastered.

For 'No Dancing', my partner in Captain Comatose, Khan, delivered the appropriately titled No New York remix, while Australian disco dolls Stereogamous provided me with their first ever remix. The original extended version of 'Hat Trick' clocks in at an exhilarating nine minutes plus, while the legendery JG Thirlwell (Foetus, Steroid Maximus) bombards you with his signature outrageous treatment. Switter Lilly. Finally, a cappella versions round out both sets.

Gracing the covers are glamour shots taken back in the New York daze by my good friend, artist Adrian Garcia Gomez; shot in my aforementioned East Village hot spot.

Hope you enjoy these tunes and remixes.

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Erstes Kapitel

Heimkehr nach Galicien

Met with Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marcuse Siegelstein at the juicy Lebenese boite on Crelle Str in Berlin Schöneberg the other day to exchange CD's for our CHEAP Funk monthly radio show on Reboot FM. This was most likely the last warm day of the year to be enjoying alfresco dining. With the second wave of the Pandora Pandemic raging there won't be any eating inside in restaurants for me. I got my flu shot in early October and now I just have my regular three month jaunt to the kidney doctor. Fun and fancy free.

Marc and Susi gave me a lovely bomber jacket that is perfect for the winter months courtesy of Trixie von Schönherr. The coat use to belong to her late husband the artist and filmmaker Ludvig von Schönherr and fits the doll to a living breathing T.

I hope all you expats went to the American Embassy and cast your ballots in the election of the century. The orange hued tetrarch must be relieved of office along with his prissy co-horts. This winter will be dire for the USA and the world. Because of the lack of stewardship of the planet we will have more disasters and lethal pandemics heading our way--mark my words. Enough on this line of though as I don't want to be Pollyanna with a hatchet.

Those in Los Angeles please check out the first solo show of my darling Damien Davis in the City of the Angels. Damien has been a frequent collaborator with the doll and was crucial for our project The Magic Flute, Part One-An Opera in Six Steps back in 2015 in NYC.

Also La Famiglia de Isabella Bortolozzi has a host of beautiful events that are always scintilating and perceptive plus Discoteca Flaming Star and the great Julie Tolentino who deserves a million congrats for winning the Queer/Art Prize this year. I have known and collaborated with Julie forever and she is pure genius and so love sexy that she deserves an award for every day of the year.


OCTOBER 24 - NOVEMBER 28, 2020

Charlie James Gallery is delighted to present Hard Line Fade, New York-based artist Damien Davis’s first solo show with the gallery, opening October 24th and running thru November 28th, 2020.The work of NY-based artist Damien Davis (b. 1984) explores historical representations of Blackness, seeking to unpack the visual language of cultures and investigate how society codes, decodes, and recodes representations of race through craft, design and digital modes of production. Composed of glyphic shapes, patterns, and images, the works interact in prismatic ways, creating ever-shifting relationships to meaning, brokering new associations and conversations about how identity is performed in culture.


Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
is pleased to announce

Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
31 October 2020 – 9 January 2021

Saturday, 31 October 2020, 12 – 8 pm


Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
is pleased to announce

Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms

with works by

Enrico Baj, Ellen Cantor
and Aldo Mondino

VIP Preview:
Wednesday, October 28 – Friday, 30 October 2020

Public days:
Friday, 30 October – Saturday, 31 October 2020

Register to access
Viewing Room


Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce

Dorothy Iannone & Juliette Blightman
The Köln Concert

31 October 2020 – 31 January 2021

Friday, 31 October, 3–9 pm

Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany


Discoteca Flaming Star (CGB, Sofia Lomba, WM, Sara Pereira)
“Touching without Touching (Ingrids Web_Hospital install 3)”

at Artists and Allies, Berlin
Friday, Oct 30, 18.00-21.00
Reserve, select a time and donate here:
Subjective fragments of the performance will be live on twitch:


Last Thursday night, a radiating crowd of more than 200 LGBTQ+ artists and allies convened virtually for Queer|Art's biggest event of the year: The Queer|Art Annual Party. The 2020 Queer|Art Annual Party took place on Zoom this year, featuring special performances and readings in celebration of the graduating Fellows of the 2019-2020 Queer|Art|Mentorship program cycle and the winners for the 2020 Queer|Art|Prize (made possible with generous support from HBO).

This year's Prize honored the legendary activist, performance artist, caregiver, and club organizer, Julie Tolentino and multi-disciplinary artist and DJ, Yulan Grant with awards recognizing their significant contributions to queer culture and community. The Prize awards artists in two categories: Sustained Achievement and Recent Work.