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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Brennt’s beim Pinkeln?
Las dich auf sexuell uebertragbare

So delighted that I was able to see the work of two of my genius Geneva Work Master HEAD students Constance Brosse and Jacopo Belloni along with their vivacious colleagues Johana Blanc, Sylvain Gewelski, Vicente Leser, Henrique Loja, Sara Ravelli, Niels Trannois and Paulo Wirz that was part of this year’s Berlin Art Week. Their gorgeous installation was a collective exhibition in Archivio Conz under the title Fridges are not Frigid. The Conz Archive is quite unique as Francesco Conz was not only a collector but worked and lived closely with artists of the main avant-garde movements of his time: Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, ZAJ, Lettrisme, Concrete Poetry, Sound Poetry and Gorgona.

The Arsenal’s retrospective on homo-romantik Hollywood golden era director Frank Borzage has been utterly divine. Loved seeing a youthful Spencer Tracy and radiant Loretta Young in Man’s Castle 1933, and Tracy and Joan Crawford in Mannequin very hardhitting in terms of the take on poverty and inequities.

Charles Farrell with his bubble butt faggy whoop de loop shined in the highly stylized Liliom 1930. The play Liliom is based on is the source material for the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. The great Lee Tracy was in high invert form as the mincing grifty villain. In Three Comrades 1938, Margaret Sullavan and a pre Father Knows Best Robert Young sacrifice themselves so that humpy beauty boy Robert Taylor can find true happiness and passionate love with hungry holed Franchot Tone in South America as fascism looms in the Germany of 1920. It could easily be the Germany of today. In A Farewell to Arms 1933, svelte matronly looking Helen Hayes not only miscarriages but also dies so that lean Ganymede Gary Cooper(substituting for closet case Ernest Hemmingway) can finally submit to the leering advances of kinky hedonista Adolphe Menjou. Really who can blame Mr. Hairyeyeball Menjou as Cooper is literally bursting out of his slacks in almost every scene in the picture. In History is Made at Night 1937, suave Charles Boyer is the object of affection of Leo Carrillo as the way too possessive plump pepperpot best friend, while poor "I only photograph good on one side" Jean Arthur is saddled to an obsessive homo-cidal Miss Priss played by brittle Colin Clive who looks like Mitch McConnell when he was young. I take that back Mitch McConnell was never young. He was born a granpa.

I’ve Always Loved You 1946, a color entry in the Borzage canon is set in the milieu of classical music where a concert pianist Catherine McLeod, (a low rent Gene Tierney doppleganger) must chose between her rather comely gay husband Bill Carter or gay maestro Philip Dorn. Well the choice should be easy for her as the hysterical maestro already has a high maintenance live-in lover in the form of Fritz Feld. Madame Maria Ouspenskaya steals the film like she always does. I adored her in Dorothy Arzner’s Dance, Girl Dance. Madame Maria gives a great explanation of modern piano telekinesis and telepathy that is out of this ca-world. My film sister of the clothe the patrician Landgraf Stephan Ahrens, late of Zeughaus Kino gave a masterful introduction of the film in decidedly masculine ardour.

Cant wait to see The Mortal Storm 1940, Moonrise 1948 and Strange Cargo 1940 with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford.
Was listening to NPR Berlin and it annoys me to no end that the engorge media refuses to report on the Orange Roughy Tetrarch of what was formerly the United States of America’s drug addiction.  Even us punters in Berlin are aware of President Weebles Wooble But They Don't Fall Down addiction to snorting  and tooting Demerol. It’s the super elefantes in the room, and no one mentions it----so bizarre.
This just in from the art photographer Annette Frick:
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
liebe Freundinnen und Freunde
zu meiner Ausstellung:
Abriss, Trümmertunten und Internationale Individuen - 1991 - 2010
gibt's am 26.9.2019 die grosse Trümmer Tunten Show (statt Vernissage)
unten im grossen Saal des Märkischen Museums
mit Zeremonienmeistern Patsy L'amour laLove und
Melitta Poppe, Tima die Göttliche, Juwelia Soraya, Betty Bückse, Daisy u.a.
Einlass 18 Uhr -Start 19 Uhr
Das Fotografische Kabinett zeigt im ersten Stock, erstmals Bilder meiner Serie:
Nix … meta … meta … schwupp… weg is et
oder Fortschritt und Rückbau und Auszüge aus Fuck Gender
Ich freue mich wenn Ihr kommt
Herzlichst Annette Frick
siehe auch:


One of my former NYU students the prolific Beatrice Glow has a new solo exhibition:
Happy Equinox friends and colleagues!
I am traveling to Taiwan to open my solo exhibition Forts amd Flowers on October 19th at Taipei Contemporary Art Center. This will be my first time exhibiting in my parents' homeland so this is a very significant endeavor. Please follow me on Instagram for more timely updates or come by the exhibtion!

And my dearest friend and best girlfriend Glenn Belverio formerly known as the artiste Glennda Orgasm has an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York:  Urban Indian:  Native New York Now   that runs from September 27, 2019 - February 15, 2019.  If you are in the Tri-Sexual State area you owe it to your self to run and see it.  Glenn Belverio is geniustrata in everything he does!