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Friday, March 14, 2008

The other day i was looking at one of the collage images on the wall of my Cheese Endique Trifecta art studio, and i got all sentimental over a goodlooking boy i use to be close to named Alfredo Botello. Of course Alfie isn't a boy anymore, he must be in his mid 30s these days, married with a couple of kids.
Back in 2004 i ran into one of Alfie's pals named Travis, who went with him to Loyola, the famed Jesuit Prep School located in mid city LA. Loyola caters to all the riche old money families and elites. The school just happens to be located in a very poor section of the city which is quite ironic. Travis grew up in Hancock Park, one of the toniest areas of LA, and his father committed suicide when he was young. When i ran into Travis i hadn't seen him in 20 years, he looked almost the same, with a bit of middle aged spread, and he seemed a little meloncholy. He was a lawyer, and told me that he and Alfie almost came to my Bricktops New Year's Eve bash back in 2002. They saw a big write-up for it in the LA Weekly. I wish they had come.
Travis said that Alfie was writing screenplays for Hollywood films, but still lived in the Bay Area. The last time i had talked to Alfie in the mid 90s, he had given up his career as an architect, and was managing a trendy bar in Oakland owned by one of his wealthy prep school pals. Alfie wasn't from a rich family and attended prep school on scholarship, similar to the way i attended Choate back in the late
70s. I was told from another one of Alfie's friends, that his wife looks exactly like me, only she is a white woman. I miss Alfie, but i guess he doesn't want to stay in contact with me as it probably weirds him out. When i have my museum show soon in San Francisco, i wonder if he will know about it. Oh well, if we are meant to rekindle our romantic Brideshead Revisited friendship it will happen without my forcing it.
I also came across a picture of Lobotomy, a beautiful 18 year old blond punk boy i met in the mid 80s, who had one of the thickest, longest, most beautiful penises I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. Lobotomy lived with his German immigrant father who owned a junkyard in East LA. The poor cluck couldn't read or write so i taught him using Bud Schulberg's What Makes Sammy Run? A few years later i also taught this hunky neo Nazi skinhead from the Hollywood skin gang The Ladz, who use to prey upon faggots in Hollywood, beat and rob them, how to do exquisite pastels. Lobotomy later wound up toothless, living on the streets after his father died, i would see him wandering about Koreatown, and he still had that great bone structure in his face, and a sensationally lean body. The nazi kid started to get a bit of attention for his paintings after i gave him a show at my Hag Gallery. Art in America even ran a two page spread of his work in 1987, but he wound up getting killed in a drug deal gone bad after hooking up with some miserable olde salty dog.
At least they both wound up with some knowledge of the beauties of art.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cooked a four course meal for Anna Muelter's birthday at the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Came out quite good if i do say so myself, but i wish i had the proper pots, pans and utensils for cooking a meal. I'm so sick of being all 32 cents.
Handsome Joel Gibb, the baby diaper of the Canadian church punk band The Hidden Cameras also came over for my ghetto gourmand feasty. That crazy Canucky Joel, is always good for a million laughs, he is a true card carrying freakazoid. After dinner Anna drove me to the Sudkreuz where i was able to electronically pick up a DHL birthday package from the states, sent to me by New York Times Style Editor Guy Trebay. The patrician Mr. Trebay sent me a Kimora Lee Simmons collector Barbie doll, which i got quite a kick out of. Miss Simmons is the exotic former model, who is mixed with black and Japanese, and use to be married to Rap mogul Russell Simmons, but they recently divorced, and now she is hooked up with the handsome, muscular Oscar nominated actor Djmon Honsue, who is quite a hot catch, much better then icky Russell Simmons. Kimora is a deliciously tacky nouvyriche blasian. I don't know why i am going on about her, she's really not THAT interesting.
Later in the evening Anna, Joel and i met up with Bob Nickas, the former editor of Index Magazine, who is now with Art Forum, and his cute bougy French pal Guiullame. We trolled several natty hustler bars in Nollendorky Platz, like The El Dorado and Blue Boy Lounge. It was great seeing Bob, and catching up with him. I hope he was able to score some MDMA or whatever illicit narcotic he was in the mood for. Being that i have never been a druggy, i wasn't able to help him in that regard.
A few nights later Wayne Hodge, the sweet young black artist from Harlem came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta and showed me some of his video work, photo collages, and documentation of performances. He has done some expert homages saluting legendary black entertainers like Bert Williams and Josephine Baker, and he adores the silent cinema, so we had a lot in common. It was a nice evening of colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow ain't enuf.
On NPR Berlin i heard a review of Donita Sparks of L7's latest musical project called Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments. I've always loved Donita. This new band also features Dee Plakas, who use to drum for L7. I wonder if Dee still has that hot boyfriend, who was such a sizzle back in the old days. I go way back with Missy Donita, all the way back to the 80s and my group The Afro Sisters and her first band The Shrews. God love the memories.
Oh pick up a copy of the latest issue of The New Yorker Magazine, that i think is on the newstands in the states. There is a profile of Paris based designer Rick Owens where they quote me i am told. I am one of the few people who knows Rick since the 1980s. The guy who interviewed me was quite nice. Glenn Belverio of New York emugged me that my quotations were a laugh riot.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Grand Opening of Asta Nielsen Retrospektive at Kino Arsenal witha large crowd of devotees, despite the transit strike. Luckily i am in walking distance to Potsdamer Platz, as my bike is on the blink.
Felt fortunate to see the fragments from The Film Prima Dona 1913, and The Abyss 1910 with accompaniment by Ms. Maud Nelissen. Asta Nielsen was certainly way ahead of her time in regards to her film acting technique and overall style, and screen presence. She certainly is an early feminist heroine, and even exudes a dykish moxy that is very sustained and lovesexy.
Another treat of the evening was seeing a short subject from the early 1970s featuring the elderly Ms. Nielsen with her much younger husband, which proves that there is hope for us old gals yet.
Seen shining brightly, the lovely Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, the hardest working woman in Berlin, and experimental film czarina, The Nanna Heidenreich clan with gal pal Angie Baby, Tim & Kjohnny Blue and Daniel Hendrickson of kollective Cheap, it girl Anna Muelter, French cinema hungthrob Melvil Poupaud with Italo auteur Nanni Moretti, handsome and lean Uli of The Forum, composer Eunice Martin, visiting artist Wayne Hodge from Harlem, film curating genius Karola Gramann, and dorky young Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, awkwardly courting la diva Vaginal Davis and her horrendous thunder thighs.