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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Returned from tour with Bad Breastage with a sorrow filled case of depressionata. The Judy LaBruce piece where i play a voltive Nora Lange with Susanne Sachsse as Theda Lange was a big hit, so i should be feeling granada and not blue. I was so down in the depths on the 90th Floor that the thought of beating on a face for my holiday edition of Rising Stars, Falling Stars screening of The Perils of Pauline (1913) starring Pearl White seemed utterly impossible. But seeing the bright and happy faces of the Arsenal crew of Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, with right hand gal Nanna Heidenreich and the most beautiful boy in all Germania Uli Ziemons helped to lift my spirits, and what a raucaus evening it turned out to be in olde Postdamer Platz
Accompanying the film live was kJohnny Blue minus his brother Tim Blue, who is still in New York working on his new big film project financed by The Irish Government. Lovesexy kJohn was in fine form with his one man band musical assault. We decided to serve drinks after the first short subject, lubricating the audience a bit, and what a difference it made. Rising Stars became much more performative as the crowd began to interact with the film in ways I never imagined---talking back to the screen, shouting out comments, and providing their own spicy intertitles. It was like i was being transported to the World Theater on Hollywood Blvd in the early 1980s. The booze and kJohnny´s American co-workers from White Trash A-Go-Go encouraged the Germans to get in on the act, so what a hoot of a time was had at Kino 2 at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst. Joining in on the revelee: Ela, Aljosscha & Marietta from the bbooks kollective, Wilhelm Hein and art photog Annette Frick, Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim, the charming and prolific Berlin artist Isabell Spengler with the enchanting Antonia Beard aka Werner Hirsh, humpy Brazillian experimenal filmmaker Gustavo Jahn, Sandy Dennis doppelganger Bettina Steinbrugger of Forum Expanded, Agnes of Riga, Nadja Talmi who is now working at the Haus of World Cultures, pretty Djane Olga Damnitz and Edward Droste&Daniel Rossen from the New York band Grizzly Bear who after seeing Vaginal Davis´ film Memory Island from the Jack Smith! Live Film!event in October want the diva to direct one of their music videos.
Valerie Hillings, the Guggenheim curator was mistakenly identified as being at Rising Stars, Falling Stars on Tuesday Dec 22nd. Who was that patrician looking brittle brunette? If anyone knows send me an email. Sorry for the mistake, i usually don´t post a name without at least two different sources confirming who they are, as i never know who anyone is myself. When i am in drag i don´t wear my glasses, so unless i know someone personally i rely on others to tell me who´s who. I dont know Ms. Hillings, but she or one of her handlers were quick to email my webmaster Larry Bob that she was no where in the vicinity of my being. I always forget that more people read my blog then all the articles i wrote when i did journalism writing for The LA Weekly and Zoo Magazine put together. Please keep in mind this is a personality blog from an irreverent, outsider artist and drag queen, not a member of the fifth estate or a columnist with the New York Times. Kachew!!!