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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Here's a note from Camryn Manheim, the zaftig star of TV's The Practice drama on ABC affiliates.

"There is a sweet little 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Venice right behind my house.
It's on Ocean Ave
450 sq. feet
Seconds from the canals.
1,100 month
utilities not included.
The landlords only concern is that it be long term. He lives back east and does not want to have to re-rent it from 3,000 miles away.
Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


Been housesitting for masculinic Dadster Athey while he was in San Fran with Europe's #1 art star Franko B and his beau Chris. Dadda rented a car to drive up Northern way. Its Franko's first time in the golden gate city and Chris' tyro American journey. Lil Chris attends art school in Bristol.
Of course i've made a major messina of Dad's Silverlake Hills compound. I really know how to spread myself out, leaving dirt and fungus stains EVERYWHERE. Ron called and warned me, i'd better do the Mrs. Cleana before he brings his houseguests home. They are all actually having a wonderous time in the bay area. Since the crash the cisco regu aren't being shrill about people from Los Ang. Rents up there have gown down but not that drastically. Franko gave a lecture at the Art Institute i believe, or some kind of forum facilitated by the great Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Dad wil drive them to Palm Springs for a bit, to stay at Crepe Suzettes Zsa Zsa Gabor case study home, and i'm sure they will make a Joshua Tree pit stop.

Went to the Farmers Market on Ivar street this morn. Ran into video artist Ming Ma with Dr. Jennifer Doyle. Lots of eye candy abounding. Saw the cutest young hot papa with his pretty child in a stroller.

I bought some flowers and gouda cheese. Drank the most fantasticle capuccino and rum almond croissant. Professor Doyle's new wealthy Gallic husband arrives on Tuesday. Can't wait to meet him.

Around 3:30 i was feeling a little horndoggy so i went to beerbust at the Flatline. What a dismal crowd. Just trolls, and their fathers and grandfathers on parade---just happy to be anywhere. What is the matter with my city? Why do men here have the personality of an unlined white piece of paper in a three rung spiral notebook?