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Friday, September 14, 2012

That dear of a President B. Obama may run into some trouble with his campaign because of the teachers strike dealings of his former boyfriend Rahm Emanuel who is now the burgermeister of Chicago. The presidents wife was never thrilled that her husbands affections were divided, but being a modern woman she put up with it to a certain degree, then had Mr. Immanuel ousted.
The Republican vice-president candidate Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has many boyfriends, and his wife is quite friendly with them all. But of course the Ryans are a good decade younger then the Obamas where such unorthodox behavior is the norm.
Just spent some quality time with my sweet Uli Ziemons who is known as the handsomest most desireable man in all of Europa. Perfect Uli is not on the marketplace girls as he has a very pretty, stylish and accomplished girlfriend named Juliana. It was wonderous being over at Uli’s stylish Kreuzberg flat listening to his expert, rare record collection and eating a scrumptious home cooked meal. Uli prepared a yummy and nutrious Salmon Tarantella with a late summer frisk salad and for desert: semen pudding coated in strawberries----lecker!!! Mr.Ziemons also surprised me with a super 8 film of the Cheese Endique Trifecta that was brilliant.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My memory pieces always generate a huge outpouring of emugs. I guess I have to write more in that vein. I also turned up a copy of a list of bands that the LAPD put out in the 1980s who they considered subversive and dangerous and my group the Afro Sisters was on this list. I believe we were put on the list because we had performed with the hardcore punk band MDC(Millions of Dead Cops)and not because someone from LAPD had actually heard our music or message.
Last night was invited to dinner at the famous table of Frau Susanne Sachsse at her luxurious compound in the former East Berlin. It was a joyous evening of fellowship that included Constantine Achmed Berger her colleague from the Berliner Ensemble days of yore and old neighbor Steffi who is now back in the flat living below Susanne again. Pretty Miss Steffi had in tow her adoreable well behaved children. Susanne cooked a down home Thueringen region meal from her hometown of Jena with delicious kloese, seasonal vegetables and brined meatchucks, dandy corn on-the-cob and for desert the Muslim warrior Daniel Hendrickson baked an apricot anal crostata tart. Many rounds of lecker smecker by kJohnny Blue, Marc Siegel, Richard Gersche and his girlfriend Miss Vicky who will be heading off soon to theatre school. kJohnny Blue’s brother Tim has started a new career as a cab driver back home in Portland, Oregon.
Had a nifty visit from my former NYU student Marc Arthur who is the right hand man of RoseLee Goldberg of Performa. Cute Marc was the star of many film opuses by both Gorgeous George Kuchar and his twin brother Mike. Marc was just in Brussels,Belgium with artist Jack Pierson where he was showered with accolades for a stupendous performance that featured live doves crying at the Xavier Huflens Gallery. Marc gave me some scandalous New York and international gossip and then he was off to a big dinner at the studio of Michael Elmgreen and big dicked Norweigan Ingar Dragset.
Next week fashion and culture critic Glenn Belverio will be making a pit stop in Berlin.