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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Received this cute little emug from the Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who works for the BFI in London. No one makes me laugh more then my best girlie friend the world famous Camel.

Oh Doll,
I am just moving somewhere else in London and I have found a much bigger room, which is not that expensive and in the Camden area but away from the crowd and the noise. This way I could cycle, walk or take a bus to work and avoid the fugly tube.
I am thinking about setting up a business to care for the animal companions of any Christians who are selected to go to heaven when Jesus Christ comes back. They know they will be saved. But when the Rapture comes, what will become of all the loving pets who are left behind? I really think there is a gap in the market for that, especially in your home country. I am sorry that you haven’t had any hot affairs in Hamburg. Are there any hippos in their zoo?
NYU Performance Scholar Tavia Nyongo who is half Kenyan and American just like US President Barrach Obama is back in Berlin for the summer. I met with him and his personable German swimmer pal Sebastian at the spacious flat he is living at on Lausitzer Strasse in Kreuzeberg. We then walked in the Spring rain to Moviemento Kino on Kottbusser Damn to attend the Community Romance program curated by artist/filmmaker Liz Rosenfeld. There was a nice whirl of excitement in the air for this event which featured a vast collaboration of local artists who contributed to working on La Rosenfeld’s newest film Frida y Anita.
Ms. Rosenfeld did a great job of curating the program of shorty shorts as it was the perfect length. The Aussie filmmaker Sam Icklow’s Screen Tests had a nice tableaux quality to them. At first when I saw the title I was about to groan as I am sick of riffs on Warhol but it seems his inspiration came from Tippi Hendren and that’s a great starting point. The film in the program that really stole the show was Maikaefer Flieg by Tom Weller a tranny boi who for two years has recorded his voice changing while singing a German nursery rhyme. It was quite brilliant.
Frida y Anita started off lovely with a letter in Spanish from young Frida to her German born father in Mexico. I adored the silent film aesthetic and the lead performance of Greek beauty Margeaux as Frida plus gorgeous cameo appearances from local starinas like Katherine Klewinghaus and Mad Kate. The initial appearance of Anita Berber played by Richard Hancock was genius---in only showing an arm and floating movement representing a dance performance. I would have left it at that if I was at the helm as modern affectations as piercings and dred locks I find distracting for a period setting. But Liz Rosenfeld is definitely a young,mercurially beautiful talent that intrigues me and I am anxious to watch her bloom.
After the screening I headed to the Jewish Muslim’s compound with film historian Marc Siegel and Susanne Sachsse. The JM Daniel Hendrickson was just back from Prague. At Moviemento Kino saw scholar and curator Tim Studkin, feminist filmmaker Evie Europa Ruesseler and that uber friendly walking career British curator Ian White aka: Miz Gorgeous.
I had missed the Arsenal’s screenings of Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones starring Dorothy Dandridge and Bonjour Tristese starring Jean Seberg, so to make up for that I went and saw Martin Scorcese’s juicy film version of the Edith Wharton novel The Age of Innocense starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Michele Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder with a Wharton like narration by Joanne Woodward.
Had a long Skype talk with my beautiful child of high New York art Jonathan Berger who is planning a big musical benefit for Lia Gangitano’s Participant Inc. Gallery next year that he wants me to be the hostess to this gala that will be called Participacalypse Now! And will feature performances by Antony & the Johnsons, Sonic Youth, Liquid Liquid, and hopefully appearances by Michael Stipe of REM and Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.
Jonathan also told me the gossip about the Barbara Gladstone/Jack Smith exhibit which he feels is a horrible, shallow, insensitive presentation of Smith and inherently wrong on every level. Those of you in New York who have seen it send the doll an emug and tell me your opinion.
The other day I found a cute photo I took of Tim Tierney from my old Club Sucker at the Garage days. Tim was a cute dork that use to go out with one of my favorite punk rock lady friends Valerie Vaughn who is one of the most stylish punk fashion interpreters to come out of Hollywood. Valerie has amazing taste and was doing looks in the early 80s that surpassed all the other young punkettes at the time. I will always remember how hot she looked wearing one of Fertile La Toyah Jackson’s designs for Retail Slut in a Scratch Magazine fashion show. Well anyway Valerie and Tim had gone out and broken up and Tim had come by Club Sucker to bemoan the breakup and we wound up going out to dinner at Taylor’s SteakHouse and I told him that he should get back together with Valerie as she is really incredible and he would never find a girl like her ever again as she was one of a kind. Well we started drinking whiskey sours, and Taylor’s makes the best and luckily I lived very close to Taylor’s in Korea Town so Tim didn’t have to drive that far as he was a bit tipsy. Tim is the nephew of the b-movie actors Scott Brady and Lawrence Tierney. Lawrence Tierney was known as a rough and tumble actor who drank & brawled away his Hollywood career but made a comeback in the early 90s with Quentin Tarrentino’s Reservoir Dogs. Tim actually looks very much like his famous uncle when the man was young, except that Tim is a bit fey with what I would say is some sugar in his tank. At the time Tim was a Science grad student at UC Santa Barbara and had driven down to LA just to hang out with me. Well he was supposed to spend the night at a friend’s house but conveniently he wasn’t able to get ahold of that friend so he wound up spending the night with me sharing a bed. We had a few more nightcaps before retiring and while under the covers I felt a poking of my backside by something really huge. To my surprise and delight Tim possessed one of the longest fatest penises I have ever beheld. How Valerie kept that a secret from underground Hollywood society is a marvel.
His penisaurus looked even bigger because of his skinny body. Well we fooled around a bit and he tried to plow me with that thing, but of course I was not able to accommodate such a monster in my tight virgin puddy. Lord knows i gave it the old college try, and Tim even admitted that he had planned on seducing me from the start. Word to the ladies! beware of unassuming shy acting nerds.
They can be lethal. Even performing fellatio upon such a member was difficult. Its so funny because his movie actor uncle’s Scott Brady and Lawrence Tierney are also known for their large appendages so it must run in the family.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Had a delightful meeting with director Rosa von Praunheim at his huge atelier in Charlottenberg.After 13 years Rosa has finished editing Marta and Hilde the film that I starred in as Marta Fuetwonger with Selene Luna as Hilde Waldo.Rosa screened it for me and it looks amazing and is hilarious.We filmed it in 1998 at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades, where Marta and Hilde actually lived.The film will be screened next year as part of Rosa´s big 70th birthday celebration where he will make and screen 70 films in one year.He has the project all layed out in his studio with big charts on the walls.Rosa has a pet snake which didnt sit too well with this woman who cannot stand creepy crawley slithery creatures.

Later that evening i met with Joel Gibb the handsome and sexy baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras in front of Praeter to see the performance installation Wild Duck based on the writings of Henrik Ibsen that is the latest creation from those insane Norweigans Ida Müller and big thick dicked Vegard Vinge.It is actually not a new piece, they first did it in Oslo in a regular theatre, but this format is more of an akshunist installation and let me tell you it is one incredible endurance trial that lasts 24 hours a day for two weeks.I am too old to do that kind of work, the last endurance fests i curated and participated in was Visions of Excess and Platinum Oasis and those pieces almost killed me. Vegard is one sexxxy motherfucker and he and Ida are visionaries.The costumes,sets and sound and use of repetition of gesture and movement is something that Berlin and the world needs right now at this time and place. This piece is addictive. I didnt want to leave but it is uncomfortable standing for so long when you have gout, so i had to bail for a dinner break with Joel and later joined by Lady Peaches, and her man Connie, Susanne Sachsse, Enrico Dallman and his friend Mike we watched the piece some more then took another repreive at the Praeter Beirgarten for a snack and drinks. Didnt wind up leaving till 2am, but boy was it worth it.

The installation in front of the WAU Cafe called Ship of Fools, doesn´t compare to The Wilde Duck. Ship of Fools is cute but being that i am so tall trying to negotiate such a tiny narrow space was nerve wracking and claustrophobic. But if you are a tiny person it is the perfect installation for you.

Just got this sweet note from one of my brilliant former NYU students Marc Arthur who also helps maintain my blog with Larry Bob Roberts. Marc just produced and directed an amazing version of Peter and the Wolf with a cast of children and he has gotten rave reviews.


Hey Ms. Davis,
It's taken me a bit to get back to you because I've just been so busy working and running around doing 1 million things. New York is no joke and I may be getting a little worn out. Paying rent, promoting my own work and negotiating all of this art world drama can be so overwhelming, it makes a person want to run away to the seclusion of the woods.

on the other hand...

Peter and the Wolf was a huge success! We sold out every show (the house held 150). The production was really epic, with glitter cannons, nearly naked 14 year old boys and gallons upon gallons of Herman Nitsch style messy paint. I put everything into the piece and was so happy and proud with how it went. Here is a link with pictures from the show:

Here is a blog review of the show:

Not sure why the DeRohan link wasn't working. I put it up again with the same old link and it now looks like it is working. So you haven't seen him? Has he embraced his sexuality, what ever that may be? I mean, is he running around Berlin sucking dick? or pussy? or is it just that nasty gaysians are chasing him?

My sex life has been VeRy spiCy and exCitng lately. I am still seeing matthew who you met at your opening. And recently we have opened up our relationship. It's a funny story actually because for the longest time I wanted an open relationship and he did not. This was annoying but I dealt with the situation because he's a great bf. Then I caught him cruising online! to think he would cruise online while simultaneously not want an open relationship that he knew I wanted!> anyways we had a very long lesbionic conversation that lasted like 24 hours and now it seems as if there is a new guy in our bed every night.

Let me see,the highlight was probably when matthew brought home this really hot Mexican dude from a bar. His name was Enrico and he had the thickest penis i've ever witnessed - literally thicker than a beer bottle. It was crazy. Matthew and I took turns trying to fit it in our mouths but all we could really do was get it wet on the head because it was so ginormous. Matthew was feeling adventurous enough to try and take it. He sucked my dick while Enrico fucked him. Matthew was in so much pain because it was so big that he was screaming what could have sounded like murder. Eventually he got over this and started to enjoy it but by that time it was too late.. we live in a very old building and the walls are very thin. The neighbors were banging on the door and they wouldn't stop knocking. I put my clothes on and answered the door. The man from downstairs was very concerned and apparently had almost called the police because he thought someone was being murdered. I looked him straight in the eye and I said, "ya, my friend is being murdered by a huge cock. But he loves it. so it's fine don't worry" Slammed the door and returned to the scene of the crime. Matthew was now on his back and Enrico was really pounding away. Mathew couldn't take it any more and started to cum. I quickly slobbered this up and then shortly after swallowed enrico's thick messy load. Which smelled so delicious, like stinky cheese with mangoes. I did not cum which kind of sucked which was all the neighbors fault for intervening.

How are things going with you in Berlin? Did you win the award? Was it for the obies? I REALLY want to come to Berlin this summer but I don't have enough money. I'm going to stay here and cruise coney island instead.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

One of my wonderfully talented Bricktops at the Parlour girls, Christiane Cegavske who produced the first Bricktops baby is filming a new animated feature. Besides being a filmmaker, and top notch artist she is also a clothing designer and is the best model for her work as she, her child and ex-husband would always be at Bricktops wearing some of the most unique and spectacular outfits. See the info below and feel fortunate to contribute to her next project and support a rad young talent and working single mom reach her full potential.
Hi Everyone,
I am nearly ready to begin filming my newest animated feature, Seed in the Sand!
I've just launched my Kickstarter project to raise the funds to purchase the equipment that will make it possible to start. Now you've got a chance to help out and to get some great rewards! Check it out! Pledge if you can and help spread the word.
Had a gloriously delicious dinner at Felix Knoke’s flat in Neu Koelln where he made this gourmet vegemated lasagna dish and spring awakening salad. Felix is a journalist with Der Spiegel Online and is one of my bandmates in my new art/music project Tenderloin. Cute Felix is also in Glen Meadmore’s European touring band along with Jan Klesse and the members of the Munich alt rock band The Lazy. Enjoying Felix’s wonderful and nutritious meal was Jan Klesse and Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Canadian band The Hidden Cameras. After feasting we started writing a few new songs for Tenderloin which I might add came out quite good. One song is called “The Man Who Loved Too Much” and is loosely based on the old Bette Davis/Lesley Howard film Of Human Bondage.
The other day had a Skype call from Hector Martinez who is a successful executive with Affleck Insurance Company in Los Angeles.I’ve known Hector since he was about 15 years old and use to come into Hollywood from the Latino suburb of South Gate to see me perform with The Afro Sisters in the early and middle 80s. Hector just gave up his lease on an office space at the famous Library Tower in Downtown LA which is the tallest building in the city. It seems like this highrise is losing tenants at a rapid rate. Over the years of being in the building Hector developed a nice relationship with the Latina cleaning lady crew who of course knew all the hottest gossip not fit for print about the tenants occupying the building. At present the library tower is only half filled.Things started going downhill for the building when a big law firm left the skyscraper for cheaper offices digs nearbye. The cleaning ladies get treated badly by most of the tenants in the building who don’t see them as humans but only as janitorial machines. When Hector’s lease was up he decided not to renew, and the management company of the building even offered to lower his rent if he stayed. It seems like there is a lot of after hours hanky panky going on at the library tower as some tenants use their offices to have wild sex whorgies. Talk about your towering enferno.
The other day someone emailed me a picture of Tippi Hendren (Melanie Griffith’s mother/mother-in-law to Antonio Bandares)from Alfred Hitchcocks classic shocker The Birds, and it reminded me of the LA drag queen Trixie, who did a great impersonation of Ms. Hendren at the old 4 Star Saloon on Santa Monica Blvd back in the 1980s. I wonder what happened to Miss Trixie who was good friends with another LA queen named Gender. Miss Trixie’s best girlfriend was a pretty black queen named Coco who looked like a younger RuPaul. Poor CoCo was shot and and killed in Vaseline Alley one night by the drug cartel she was stiffing as a dealer to the WeHo drug circuit. Does anyone out their in cyberland also remember Miss Erica Townsend who was the host of the long running Tuesday Nite Drag Search Competition at the Four Star Saloon in the 80s? RuPaul when she briefly lived in LA competed at DragSearch and won as his former persona of StarBooty. I entered the contest once singing a Cholita song and Miss Erica said I was pretty but needed her to do my makeup. Being a traditional drag queen, Miss Erica wasn’t accepting my off kilter punky avant garde style of drag, but in all fairness she wasn’t as harsh about it as a lot of other queens of the era. The last thing I heard about Miss Erica was that she had to skipp town for Vegas, and of course drugs were somehow involved . I will never forget one time going by the Four Star Saloon on Thursdays which was The Limbo Lounge nite, and was the rare evening in which East and West Hollywood met. Erica was locked in her little wooden shed in the tiny dressing room madly sewing beads on a gown.
The late Billy Limbo was the creator of the Limbo Lounge which was a weekly party that featured hostess Nova China a queen who worked a giant boa constrictor into her act. The star of the Limbo Lounge was Glen Meadmore who every week did an outrageous performance that kept audiences having to go to the hospital for jaw replacement surgery. Billy was a nice but odd fag with a huge penis and muscular body. He was the resident DJ at the Four Star and had been a normal gay stud on the prowl who got tired of having sex with homo normative types and decided to turn punk and screw all the alterna faggots.
Received two cute letters from my former students. One from Marie Norman a sweet talented girl who was in my class at the Malmo Art Academy in Malmo Sweden. She sent me the latest of her short experimental films, this one dealing with prostitution. Can’t wait to watch it, and also my adoreable USC student Connor Flanagan who collaborated with me on dejecta/protecta in January sent me a loving letter that included an essay he wrote about me for class which was very well written and insightful. Connor will be studying abroad in the fall so hopefully we will hang out either in Berlin or London where I will perform “Memory Island” on October 29th at the Tate Modern, and will be conducting Live Art Workshops with the students at Goldsmith College as part of an art conference curated by the lovesexy Gavin Butt called Trashing Performance.
Jonathan Berger my dreamy young child of high art in New York just sent me this link concerning an article on Justin Bond .
The great and glorious Ms. Bond was just profiled in New York Magazine. A Facebook controversy cropped up when Justin wrote about not being happy with certain elements in the write up. In the her wonderful blogina she articulately explains herself.
I can’t tell you how many interviews I have done in mainstream straight and gay publications where they had a preconceived notion about me and my work and had pretty much written the article before the interview.
Gay periodicals are sometimes the worse offenders. I also hate when journalists are lazy and don’t do their homework. I don’t do much journalism writing these days as the pay is horrendous but when I worked for The LA Weekly, Zoo and Dutch Magazine I was always fully prepared for my interviews with celebs and other personalities.
In reading the New York magazine profile I agree with Justin that the tone was odd. It almost seemed like to me that the writer can’t believe that someone from the underground has been able to somewhat crossover into a more high profile arena, and that he feels that Justin’s talent doesn’t completely merit her being recognized along with more mainstream stars like Rufus Wainwright or Jake Shears of the Sissor Sisters.
Last night was my first counseling session as part of Hannah Hurtzig’s Die UnToten Mobile Academy Kongress at Kampnagel in Hamburg. I had a fun time, but was completely excrement for brains as I suffered from insomnia the night before traveling to Hamburg. One of the Kampnagel’s cute personable assistants Edna from Bremen picked me up at the central train station and checked me into the nice comfy boutique Heikotel am Stadtpark near the Kampnagel. Later a young blondine boy named Bjorn who is a musician and artist friend of lovesexxy Melissa of Chicks on Speed fetched me and whisked the doll to the Congress.Before I started my first counseling session I hung out with Melissa, Nadine and the Chicks on Speed crew at their exciting VooDoo hut installation where i got to drink some hallucinagen root drink and snort natural cocaine with menthol in it. Ran into Evie Europa Ruesseler who has been taking care of her mother’s chicken farm outside of Hamburg. After my counseling sesh Evie hung out with me back at the hotel and showed me a copy of Teddy’s Bestiary-Letters to the Parents, a fantastic new film about Teddy Adorno, his mother, aunt and their love of Hippos at the Berlin Zoo. This film has been Evie’s labour of love for the past 4 years. I star in the movie and really was excited to finally see it edited. Evie plans on having a private screening at bbooks soon and I will give you details in this very blog.
The first day of the Congress one of my counselees was the famous choreographer Johan Roller who lives in Berlin and Australia. We had a lovely little chat. Because of my insomnia the night before coming to Hamburg I didn’t feel like I was very effective, but people overhearing the conversations said that it was fine. I am of course my worse critic. Judy La Bruce’s collaboration with Susanne Sachsse Ulriche’s Brain was the akshunist event of the Congress. The set looked amazing and the gaggle of young people involved with the project included Jonathan Johnson, Stefan Sandrock, Saskia Timm, Heiko Alberti on camera, Bernd Schoch sound & music, Marc Teuscher costume, Katja-Inga Baldowski; make-up Maria Trifu and special effects make-up by Kim May. Hamburg has a great scene of creative youth who are eager beaver to explore and get down in the proverbial dirt.
Had wonderful moments with the marvelous Kampnagel staff and crew like sexy John Wayne is big leggy Simon who was my escort from the hotel to the venue. On Friday we missed each other and I got into the SUV of a total stranger thinking that he was from the theatre, and Hamburgarians are so friendly that he took me to my destination. The man could have been a sexual maniac. It became the talk of the Congress, and poor Simon saw me get into the wrong car and followed to make sure I was safe and sound. Also had great conversations with Kampnagel Intendanz Amelie Deufhard, Ekkehard Ehlers the gifted composer and music theorist who also suffers from gout and was very comforting to me about having this old fashion illness, the famous Thomas Meinecke and his beautiful and vivacious wife, plus Mark Ravenhill, Sandy Stone and so many others too numerous to mention here.
Also participating in my section of charismatic counseling or Beratungen was juicy Nicolas Siepen from bbooks, Christiane Voss and legendary theatre director Barbara Bilabel who came in elaborate Day of the Dead make-up and costume.
Saturday in the late morning I got to spend quality time with fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse and Anna Muelter when they treated me to a glorious breakfast at this cute café and then we took a walk around this breathtaking lake.
I missed the big Kampnagel dance party because I went back to my hotel to take a disco nap and didn’t wake up till 6:30 in the morning.