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Monday, December 27, 2004

Barbara Young the lovely first and only wife of Marilyn Manson, as far as I'm concerned, cooked a glorious holiday meal for me and Glen Meadmore at her Santa Barbara compound. Glen and Barbara are madly in love with each other, but don't realize it. Hopefully one day . . .

Of course i stuffed myself silly and Barbara's sweet friend from South Afrikan via Mozambique, the Lady Carole, made these delicious bourbon balls that i devoured in an instant. Its nice to leave LA ever so often during the tired Pagan adopted Christian holiday melee.

Bricktops on Friday was very raucaus. Everyone was in a get down 2night kinda mood, for our Pagan/Druid/Wiccan celebration. The buxom burlesque ingenue Penny Starr Junior performed a scintilating salute to Charles Dickens and that divine Princess of Hollywood Pleasant Gehman was the Sugar Rum Fairy. I've known Plez for a million years and she gets younger and younger. I love that she's such a good time Sally.
Famous punk rock photographer Jenny Lens dropped by and is another lady who loves life. She also is looking really good and healthy. Rev Dan of Stella's StrayPop on KXLU popped in with a dapper smile, and Diggie Diamond of Foreskin 500 who just moved to Los Angeles from New York. I also shared a kiss with Canadian art star Marcel Dzuma---boy is he one hot child. I could give him mylast paycheck. Too bad i don't have a paycheck.